Globalboho.Life: #Joysparks, globalboho style/ the MarieKondo edition.

These jeans were as deep indigo as the ocean at 2 am when they first arrived. Then…amped by a tendency to  think in #twosminimum when it comes to denim that perfectly fits in the first place (#Hollister jeans, the best [mid-priced] kept secret for short-waisted leggy amazons with a bit of #fashist ass a decade…

Globalboho.Life: Watch “Angel Brynner’s RAWKTOBER Playlist” on YouTube

…so~ Um. Hopefully… This needs no realllllllllllllllllly deep explanation. RAWKTOBER follows SEPTEMBRIAN NEW YEAR follows Audioslave Avgvst[ all that Globalboho sonics of sonar stuff], since yee olden times of yore, like Rock fucks with Paper AND Scissors. This is NOT a Masterclass lol. This is a  wrestlemania sonic battle royale between innerchild and I to…

Globalboho.Life: GYPSIES!!!ABsentee Ballot requests, like…NOW.

We off-the-gridders like to not be bothered with all this, whether we be pacifists, anarchists, gypsies, burnouts, or aware of how corrupt the entire rigged system is and the seeming futility of participating. I’m asking… on behalf of kids we may all end up being too wise to bring into this fucked world… that we…

Globalboho.Life: #NoKavanaugh

Understand me on this point if nothing else. THIS… is not going away. This particular Catfish has been swimming in these swampy streams for a very loooong time. They are all placing their bets on Him…and HE was known as a Gambling man… with millions in debts until right before all this hit the fan.

Globalboho.Life: KavaHELLnah\ #Scotus attempt & separate sovereignty.

The #Scotus attempt has just devolved to yet another incidence of this man trying to Drunkenly force himself on a lady(Liberty) that clearly doesn’t want him, only this time, he’s drunk off the power of people who’ve helped his career get to this stage…instead of “BEer.”