About Globalboho…

Globalboho AOLAB/AngelBrynner is the continuation of a movement.

starchild (2)

It is the other side of  AOLAB[Art of Life, Angel Brynner]…which, frankly, was fun as all get out!

We are no longer worried about understanding the art of and perils to living a good, healthy life. We have explored the weapons of our heavenly warfare and now we wield them, gleefully, in full sight of the One who gave them to us.

In all of our getting, we have gotten a foundational understanding of the blessing these ships we’ve been given charge of can be… and we walk it out. This “zine” will be about dancing to the beats of our own drummers caught up in the campy joys of that blessing.

The far-flung and close to home beautiful things to try, be and do as you go through this glorious trek whenever you get the opportunity. Sometimes irreverent, sometimes so surface that your teeth might sing from the sweetness- but 100% sincere, come hell or high water.

…from “This is Epic!” to “try it, you might like it”, to “omg you have to try it- its horrible!-“

The whole gamut of going for this strange thing we claim as “Health” in this day and age will be explored, road-mapped and basked in.

We just start doing it.


In earnest, “Now Move!” taken to the heights

of health and wellness here on earth, in preparation for returns home.

Globalboho IS The Healthy, sexy, laidback, globally bohemian way one moves.


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