Globalboho.Life: November Sundays with Krishna Kaur/Kundalini Meditation explorations.

I’ve been hearing about Krishna Kaur for a while now but it didn’t rise above a murmur until  I saw yogi/singer Koya Webb giving hallowed props to her.

Krishna Kaur’s teacher was Yogi Bhajan. Remember that quote about “1/3 will commit suicide,  1/3 will go crazy & 1/3 will wake Up”  that  Gabrielle Bernstein  said in  that epic wanderlust talk?  That was Yogi Bhajan. Wayne Dyer talking about him in passing in multiple books is what made Bhajan’s name stick when she said it.

I’m listing those little things out NOT to show myself approved… but to get across to you that every seed counts. Those things happened scattered across a life but none of them made me go and check her out. If I Had done so out of a sense of duty to those nudges maybe I’d be different. Or maybe, because it wasn’t time…whatever it is I’m going to glean from all this would have been missed, only to appear when nudged to a re-up.


I’ve decided to explore her this month. Because now is that time.

If you want to join in on that flow, come on in~

…You can watch some clips of her on We’re starting there. As I find more  digital content connected to her, I’ll post links to it on sundays before work.




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