Globalboho.Life: Krishna Kaur starter sonics for the sunday explorations



Explore at will. There should be seven songs listed on this so far but if the player glitches just check out the Krishna Kaur topic page on  YouTube. Her voice is like…cosmic. No other way to say it.

I’m being led to keep this really simple. An episode on  Gaia and a track each sunday Technically de riguer…but If I want to flow through some more, it’s at will. We’ve been pounding alot of meditative instances as of late…which sounds like it eschews the “Meditative point” in that sentence, but gratefully, yall riding with know what I mean.

We’ve been expansive and open to being as such. which is huge. This month…Bring it in… so you can see for yourself the rhythm of your own need to expand your practice for what it is.

There’s learning to stretch a muscle  and there’s basking in personally perfect ranges of motion. We all have those odd kinesthetic things we do on instinct that bring us bliss.  “Find out what your version of that is in meditation this month” is the intent, if any. Learn how to find and stoke your own yearning to fly and to focus.

Consider this an elevation in calibration 🙂



BIG UP to YouTube.



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