Globalboho.Life: G;o LIVe.

( #minime😳) …The party is later.
I may not even Go.

I think…God just wanted me to play with weapons & show some of my wings again lol. & That’s a great fucking love story in & of itself.

[My species has three sets that I know of but it’s intimated three more arise upon the achievement of the 3rd. Up there.]
I call this season #thehighholidays Because it’s the one chunk of the year humans stop being scared of the extra stuff they see & sense that society tells them can’t exist…when the truth is “Society” & all it crushes is what can’t exist under the gaze of a horde of human beings embracing being able to see every spectrum of “life” open on the grid.

We joke about vampires…to release the burden of dealing with vampiric motherfuckers every day that We’d be in the wrong to call out as such. We honor the dead on these days as if they aren’t often carried around with us every day speaking into the shit we do subconsciously or not.
Maya…the illusion…the veils thin… But it’s not the veil that lets us see…it’s the veil that lets us be okay with it. Our own realities, inner & outer, & the proclivities they make us resort to.

It’s all very id.
But we were given the id for good reason.



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