Globalboho.Life: Today’s pull with The Notorious Gabby B.

Not much on tarot, either.

Famous last words like that astrology post, right?lol.

Usually when a Virgo Says that shit about something it means they grabbed it early on, devoured it as a modality “In Search Of”style, found it analytically lacking & moved on.

With me I’ve had a Seer. Officially.

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Only one really worth her salt, deserving of the title. In nyc. & I saw early on she was reading the ley lines of my own clairaudience & clairsentience, as well as everyone else’s.

It was watching her work that really helped me gain peace about gifts passed down whether wanted or not in my family because I was able to see we all were wired as such by God. Most human were just raised to be terrified by it. We’re all seers. Most of the time we’re just walking around like consciously blindfolded punkasses lol.


Anyways, tarot taps you into-regardless of what your religgy standing is- the side that’s only going to tell you so much… because you winning isn’t exactly their energetic m.o. Doesn’t mean there will be no good read in those cards- That’s how they getcha~ya to come back.

It means that your aperture is going to remain consistently dark due to the nature of the line of questioning that opens it up, and the historicity of the modality.

matthewAlways keep in mind when something is conjured & why, as well as the environment around its conception & use. Those energies are embedded in the device or modality & can glom up your read.

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In other words, fuck a crutch.

You are reading the cards, anyways. The cards are reading you. You are the puller & the pulled. But you can pull any thing & get a read on yourself.

You can f ureaking hold a book in your hand & say “Book! Speak to me about what’s going on with my life right now. Show me something that’s going to give me clarity.”

& that book,

woman reading a book sitting on mattress near the blue string light inside the room
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If you have faith in your ability to see, will speak directly To you better than any middleman.

God gives each of us the ability to redact & recalibrate ourselves. & everything is a modality. A deck of cards, even the shit you put in your basket when you wander your ass around the grocery store hungry will give your ass a read when you have the cajones to stop playing illiterate. The entire system is designed to be expressively responsive to the conscious patch-in of your DNA. That’s the gift. Breathe it in. The Grid loves us and doesn’t want hide that love in any darkness. & Don’t get tripped up by that “you need darkness to see light” shit. It’s a half truth being used against you.

Next time somebody tries to use the necessity of darkness as the only way for us to see light, hiding shit from you to gain a false sense of power Over you because you fully lit on the subject of them would render them powerless over you- think about rainbows and tell them to back up off you with their cloudy sight.

Why? We see rainbows in broad fucking daylight.

blue and orange light projeced on left hand of person
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We see light shining out of each other everyday just as easily when the sun is in the sky as we watch each other getting our glimmer on as night falls.

Even darkness itself-actual darkness, the real soup we sleep in, is made up of tiny orbs of blue, red and green light that absently registers to many of us soon as the sun goes down.

Remember that shit…and get on with your god-given magic.

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That being said…

Gabrielle Bernstein’s “The Universe has your back” deck of cards riff on the modality of catching a read is badassed.

Fuck all the sfumato & someone Telling You Their interpretation of the lovers or -& again, the Lovers is a beautiful card. The entire deck that survived is beautiful.

As you move on you’re going to get more “WHO SHOT THE DAMN DOG??”about the shit.

Lol- which means~when you come home and the dawg’s been “got,” you don’t want to hear the whole days of our lives retelling. Ya just wanna cut to the point of the joint: “Who shot my dog?!”

(Props to Mel.W for infecting my mind with that one 15yrs ago)



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