Globalboho.Life: I see Sushi! …and Snoop Dog…and such~

#iwishmybrothergeorgewashere 😁

Okay- & #fortherecord lol THIS was a #happyshitshow lol but #learnsomethingnewEryday

One would think
With all my love for Japan, #globalbohoexperiments, #weirdscienceooh, #japanesesfoodaddiction, #oldschooltribe friends & an ex who was a chef even when we were together & now is running his own spot in Osaka- that This would not be my first time Doing this whole #sushi thing, but technically those elements really line up a gaijin never having to learn to make 🍣 so as not to insult anyone or make anyone lose face by having to honor your catastrophe by tasting it, #youselfincluded lol. It’s like never having opened a beer bottle till I was like in my 30s. There were always people around proficient with this lol or places I could go to appease any Jonesing.

Must admit, having the @snooplion that lives in my head (#dontask lol #theresapointtothattoo lolol) in my Ear #mrmiyagi style,

all “Lol girl it is Obvious you’ve never rolled a joint in your Life~” after my first attempt…

had me grousing back about #contacthighs from birth to 12 That’d scramble his eggs due to #blackhippiePa yet was effective at getting me to try again, flicking rice off mah face lol.

#Goodthingtoo. I got like 50 sheets of #nori & 6lbs of rice for the #monthlyfoodprep, two of which are allotted to this #globalbohoexperiment.

The sweetest inner dialogue shift came as I was trying to cut the finally correctly rolled mofos & #sushimasters across space and time that I’ve camped out with dining in peace [#happyhotlonewolfatasushibartrope]started flashing me #visualcues to jog my memories about the ends and such. #iiiWASpayingattention lol!

I wiped rice off my forehead(#howthehelldidyouget- #isaiddontasklol) &felt #🐉☁ -The Cloud Dragon/ telepathic Ex beside me in the ether as I stood there embarrassed after my first full mangled cuts.

Self-conscious, I muttered #theyreugly🍣.

I felt him look up  5000+miles away and high2Low grunt at me from the cloud of him that was once my temporary home,  affectionate, Japanese-Argh style lol.


I popped the mangled bits under inspection in my mouth & grunted in surprise.

“Hey-these are delicious!”

“Of course it is, it’s frickin Sushi ingredients.”

Mojo returned, I shyly flossed to the sharers of my compound Lol who yelled in shock  as they peered down at them, nobody paying attention to the rice in my hair lol.

“omg 😲 you MADE these?!”

#shockandawe, folks lol. SHOCKandAwe~ lol.


Ok. Onto the quick deets.

Step one. Make too much rice. Even the “technically the wrong one.”

I actually made basmati rice for a pending Kitchari cleanse[ Whole Nother post lol]. This is an fn Globalboho experiment! I thought I was going to dive into trying to make sushi on the other side of said cleanse but I made too much rice and popped it in the fridge. at like midnight I sat up in shock, all “Omg- I have fn cold rice. I’m making sushi tomorrow?!”

I was making sushi tomorrow. Because of the way I cooked the rice to blend into the mung beans it was already pretty close to sushi rice texture. Definitely close enough for a test-run.

Step two. Mirin. Rice vinegar. don’t cry over not having it. The ones we tend to get access to here are laden with fake sugars and other shit that’s bad for you.

Taste-wise, my close approximation was – and Do not fuss at me about this lol- Apple cider vinegar with a lil filtered water and organic Honey simmered into it. Not a chef, but it tasted pretty spot on.

I went KISS mode. I almost bought a bamboo mat but paused, completely forgetting I hadn’t bothered with that  by the time the Sushi try was a Go and I was 50 nori sheets and 6 lbs of rice in lol.

I figured if I really liked the results and wasn’t going to have to shred all that nori to add to seaweed salads then I’d get a good one Or that by the time I finished the cleanse I’d have already ordered one into the Eucalyptus grove. With the surprise  “we’re making Sushi!” thing going down, I  riffed.

They SAY you can use a kitchen towel. They don’t say you Cant use a paper towel and saran wrap. I didn’t die.

So feel free to riff.

This first run was simple. Pea-shoots, an egg omelet sliced into strips, some kimchi and tofu at the ready if I felt empowered to make more than I could eat at the moment. I also keep pureed ginger on the ready at all times…because I will put that fire on anything, but that sweet glitch started hand in hand with past wasabi addictions that it outlived.


Real talk? Truly delicious.

I will be more likely to pack some nori sheets up in my satchel next art or writer’s residency I wander off on where I’m going to hole -up off the grid for a bit.

I’ll get better.





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