Globalboho.Life: Venus Retrograde is getting Everybody, but get clear so you don’t get GOt.

I’m actually not much of an astrology head. I have my seasons like any Virgo lol.  Usually astrology comes to that tribe as one of the first tools to sift people like wheat via- lends itself well to  our supposedly standardized shall we say…proclivities lol. But as we migrate on in life, the info is usually applied and filed away as we discover better tools for whatever we do.  And the retrogrades of that energy usually arise to have us bring out all of that to go deeper into  all that…like polishing the swords, testing them as weaponry  and such.

After avoiding readings for over fifteen years- because frankly, With a Virgo who Has approached all this in the aforementioned way, talking hippie-bippy smack and calling it such and such really isn’t going to fly- in 2018 so far there have been three readings that have approached Me and let me know to sit down and listen, so I have. They’ve happened almost quarterly, too.

The first one was with the Medicine Woman the day I was jumping off the mountain above Taos for the last time, a reading I’d been spiritually led to outright refuse the entire two-plus years I was connected to her while quietly on writerhead sabbatical up on her wild-assed farm. She does Vedic Astrology. Which is the  Gamechanger. The Pin-pointer.  The coolest part about that one was seeing what God was letting her see about me, and the insane, childlike glee that hit her as she processed our “relationship” in hindsight With that information lol. I saw IT give Her Aha moment after Aha moment lol. For me, it hit like a diagnostic.

The second one was in Venice and was cut of an entirely different cloth. All was wide open in Venice. And Some Think about twin flames stuff was trying to arise in the midst of that openness that I was like HELLL NAHHH to…because, and I quote “I’ve gone through my Twin Flame shit in my 20s and Fuck That Shit! That’s how I ended up in Japan- & Him and I quashed our shit- I’ve done my time and fuck you- fuck that- Twin Flame my Ass!”

cough*…THAT kinda roared out of me out of nowhere in response to a floated explicatory perhapshmm.   The grid…let me say my piece…and give my glare…And then sent me out in full writerhead foment to one of my favorite spots to chill. Because even the idea of a TF retread really upset me. That’s how hardcore the past was. Like show up at an airport and have neither of us sure if he was going to die that day hardcore[long before airport security lol. sigh* I miss the 90s lol].

The spot was A mystical bookstore on Abbot Kinney. For some reason I weirdly looked at a piece of moonstone  & tourmaline [even having acquired the moonstone itself was weird- It was the last thing bought in Taos months earlier, normally not even my stone, etc, I’d gotten two and two sodalites]  and shoved the moonstone in my pocket before heading out.

When I’d arrived at the store I kept being led to pick up this book on the counter with this title “How to unfuck yourself” or something, and when I finally flipped it over it had to do with twin flames. I’d growled and the girl behind the counter thought it was approvingly and went “Oh yeah! It’s a great book! The Author is doing a class in just under an hour out back, too! YOU should Go.” It hit like an order from above that I was Not amused by. Then she went” She said get a piece of moonstone and tourmaline  before the session if you decide to do it.” Gape-mouthed, I walked out the store and tried to go home, but instead went and pondered all that over a scoop of black sesame gelato, then found my red splattered travel espresso cup set and ran back five minutes before the class, buying a piece of Tourmaline before heading back.

The grid was not fucking around, either. Everyone present got read like a motherfuck, and she checked the dates and Oracle’d the fuck out of me regarding this person. I balked, not because I didn’t dig him but “because Fuck going through all that Twin Flame shit WITH anybody else ever again, including him. There can be only one & I’ve Done my fucking time! I only have One license to kill and That mofo I didn’t kill is in the Dominican Republic-”

A dude who looked just like the dude the grid was saying was the true TF [with a lil Russell Brand tossed in just to eye fuck me to attention] turned around and was like “Nope, it’s this guy. Obviously. The other was your karmic soulmate. That’s why you two now blushgrin about killing each other each life, and it’s sweet you all decided to let each other get old away from each other this lifetime.   Your TF? It’s the newbie. Suck it up and strap in. TFs don’t off each other. They make sure you both get all the way back home.”

F Ureaking LA.  #SurferYogiBikeGuruDude. Lol.

ash blaze bonfire burn
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Hmph. lol. Very “Oh, really Grid? Yall gone have a dude that Looks LIKE Him..tell me, “nah~ It’s him,” all “& I should know because I somehow know I look like him~” to my face in public?!”

The Grid was like “…That’s Right.” lol.

I was Not amused. But  I did…albeit begrudgingly, go back and get a second travel espresso set. For possibly fn YEARS from now. Just in case. Which still fucks with me to this day lol in a pushaw way. The grid chuffed happily at me and let me go on my way lol. A few weeks later I was (momentarily) shook … by…events that had me taking calculated risks , but I’m fine now lol . It’s not technically anything I HAVE to worry about in my day to day these days. I’ve passed my tests and am onto other ish. I AM still glowering at the concept as a whole. Anything that tries to make My ass have to stay here longer when I’m this close to going home can kiss my ASS lol. So If this TF shit IS true…dude better be ready to go home at the end of all this too. Just Saying. Would it be like God to place the true TF stuff  right at the end of the true finish line? Or is that demonic? Whole nother pensive meditation session right there.

But I’m…figuring that How I actually feel and what it means and how That makes me feel {#roundelet) is what has made necessary the Months of deliberation between then and the Third reading.


The 3rd  was offered to me for my birthday by an adept who also happens to be a coworker. I told him nothing but  the time so he could read the sky above my ass when I got here, which even from simply a designhead without getting all esoteric, I do believe was a conscious positioning by God and I outside of the grid before patching into it. Kept clean? Great tool. Not knowing jack…and doing a western reel, for the first time Ever… everything that this guy saw lined up with what was seen by the Vedic reel.

That never has happened. AND he nailed shit there was no way of knowing without it being writ in the sky because oddly enough with my full-frontal blogs and IGing, I am private as fuck. I am a writer. I’m not really much of humangabber. My happy place usually entails me being holed up somewhere, and Sausalito works so well because for the first time ever, everyone I live and work with has levels of that- our peace is full in our own zones so much that we come together in joy, teddy bear picnic style between hermetic jags. Everyday plays out like my first taste of Art Basel Miami Beach, vibe-wise.

It is he who clarified  and prepared me for what’s been afoot with Venus Retrograde, which  was what made this years Pon Farr ring out so boisterously…so there’d be no mewing when it was like “STOP- Venus hammer time.”

woman statuette during golden hour
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So the way this is playing out…another  “Geterdone”reading of some sort may show itself  all ghost of christmas NOW style in this last quarter of the year. all “In conclusion~”lol.


We hear about Mercury retrograde all the time because this culture is currently tech addicts and “oooh lawd my computers on the blitz imma die! ” is screeched anytime we have to omg wait more than a second for shit to load. But Mercury isn’t the only planet that likes to do the electric slide. Everything pushes and pulls, and all of that has been esoterically imbued with  all kinds of  nuance that  can help you get a grip.  I personally put it all on the altar with no beef.

Why? “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” I knit yo ass up up in the ocean of yo mama’s belly-” etc. The best being to place something before for comprehension is the being who designed the bitch. That’s basic designhead, folks.  God made it…so I have no qualms about taking it to him and going “How Sway?” and “What the fuhcuck am I supposed to do with This ~?”

For Instance~ All that TF stuff rubbing me the wrong way? Went down in April. Been awkwardly grappled with like a kid learning to dance for the first time along the periphery ever since, since I’m THAT used to being solely in love with myself lol. Only having to appease me & Minime is Great! Even the possibility of openness to letting someone into that, even remotely is a hard sell…because virgos are Really good at self-love once we get into it. And humans are like happy kids with filthy hands sometimes to our joys lol.


Point is… Know what else has been afoot since April? MARS has been retrograde, in fureaking Aquarius. Which speaks to that whole individualistic battle in the paragraph above being sorted out. She speaks to it in the video below because all that is going to factor into whatever shit Venus rounds out this week dabbling in backstroke wise.


Woman named Nadiya.

Actually was led to her after feeling nudged to help a young’un who is wilding on her own path yet getting TAGGED , and doesn’t know about Venus going all Bananarama on us as a way for her to get it who shot the dog style. Galore Magazine declared Nadiya Shah’s 2016 horoscopes “the most creepily accurate on the entire planet!”

Life is an apprenticeship gone wild! lol


…as for the TF thing? Thanks to Venus Retrograde, there are other things to focus on. And supposedly, that’s one of the benefits of an actual twin flame brush with what basically amounts to death to all your fucking coping mechanisms that aren’t being allowed space on the ship back home.

2018 has been like Jeff Goldblum getting out of the pod in the Fly  for the first time,

flyboy all hot and sexy and just like the epitome of daft physical decadence encapsulated in a man. I thought my 11 year old was being a bit ridiculous in the heartiness of her approbations- she was sold  on him climbing out of the pod in Earth Girls are Easy lol- until I saw that clip again.


Geez. I miss…well, apparently..This~! lol. Oh the Gorgeous Israeli boymen who were tackled tens year down the line due to This here cinematic shot! Man. #TheGoldblum got the daylights happily dragged outta a few dudes lol Stars in the skies indeed! lol.


Ahem! It feels Great. There’s been a monumental shift at the atomic level whilst still warily looking all “Who the hell?” at the person in question like he’s Batman from afar. And it’s THAT…Level up, really for your own good due to the crossing being a part of the whole TF thing…that has given some credence to the possibility that whatever the heck…that blip has been… may be that. At least giving space to it.  Giving space to something. I used to think I’d rather it be work. That I could handle it being a morph of  something akin to that.  Because I can handle that. Already. Virgos love work. There are finite answers in work.  But …There’s only certain kinds of growth there. Dealing with the reality that this isn’t a call to that…sucked. And scared me. Until I put it on the altar. May very well be my bucket. May even very well be my Monkey lol. But right now, God’s keeping it for me so I can do the other final flow shit I’ve come here to do.

Hopefully, by the end of it, I do not turn INTO the fly, mothrabut instead some bad assed, giant fire breathing butterfly- like a sexy Mothra or something,  lolol.

But a Step into yourself shift has Surely been the birthmark of 2018, all the same.

My sky has me on some specific shit for the rest of the year  in regards to the Venus Retrograde stuff. Which is good.

Even if it’s not him, God knows my heart. Him and all of Heaven know I wouldn’t allow myself to get into anything relationally speaking without what’s on tap right now being worked out. It’s in my finally having the inclination to DO that work and the vista to do all of it looking at…that I keep my peace.


sigh *theGoldblum~ lol.



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