Globalboho.Life: Sonafa-beeeeep!


“He’s been trying to get us to make#sorbet for breakfast the entire time?! wtfiswrongwithhim?!”

“It’s like …dark…decadent…healthy…genius!”
“You…you could put booze in this!” #minime😳 crows.


(…After a few days of #açaíplay~ #unadulterated #acaibowls officially are accepted into #theangeliccanon (after what’s felt like months of unwavering outside lobbying from their proponent)

“…He was even right about the fn Blueberries!” Mini crows, face happily half covered in bowl lol.

[Under these guidelines: #Baselineit-

  • use the#freezedried #acaipowder instead of #acai packs to avoid the added sugar &fillers.
  • #nofuckingbananas,
  • nothing to amp the chocolatey aspect,
  • instead lead with #frozenorganicberries & &#frozentropicalfruit
  • & choose an unsweetened #Nonmilk (#peamilk is the current).

There will be a #boozyedition of this here motherfucker made on the next episode of #globalbohoexperiments lol [Can you say #reservatrol!ha~]

I’ve always felt (even frozen) blueberries were kinda bland, have always been more in the whole “thedarkertheberrythesweeterthejuice #BlackBerry camp. But turns out that #quasiblandness is the perfect blank slate to taste the diff that IS #açai. My disdain for earlier bowls had was square on it just tasting like a sludgy bowl of 🍌 to me, which is even an insult to those who love that taste( &yes I do have #bananaexceptions lol #wholenothapostlol).

But here the mango was punching the blueberries &the… Like Now? I want to track the dried fruit. I know it’s agonisingly almost impossible to get the fresh berries out without them being processed(see! I study the shit I fuss about that outsiders try to make me have😂).




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