Globalboho.Life : She’ll be coming down the mountain… when she comes~

…It was seventy five degrees here today.

{that’s mah sweet spot, almost. I wore all black out to soak even more of it up lol.}


After what turned into a  two hour and twenty two minute

Rawktober rage in sync with the unseen

session I was still flying so high I had to go for a short walk singing at the top of my lungs in the woods to release excess energy. I came back for breakfast, had a good one, got pulled into some silent damn near vipassana silence to balance things out and then flug myself right back out into the world that just let me know my time here is now, not in LA at the moment, and how vibrantly  beautiful all that truly is.

I took the long way to the beach, the ocean presenting me with “you made the right choice” gorge rocks, shells and feathers for my studio.



I’d spent yesterday remodeling it and hanging paper on the walls to appease the desire to draw that has been hounding me. And yesterday was pretty outside too, but nothing compared to today. Had both days off. So glad I bottled up that urge to roam until it was explosive today.




I came back and the final brunt of supplies for the #monthlyfoodprep had arrived save dried roses and cardamom due later this week. This  inspired me to say Yes to an offer to go play in nearby towns north of Sausalito for the rest of the sun-soaked on every aspect of the bay afternoon. Even picked up pigment to play with on the canvas in progress in the studio-

This HAs to be the month that convinces people to move here.

It’s so stealth! People had spoken volumes on September, so my sunloving self had anticipated it. But this Rawktober warmth and  succulence…sans the tourists who know about September> Geeeez!

I came back to a gift waiting that could obviously tell that #writerheadcometh on the heels of a fully lived out #ponmotherfuckingFarr & #Rawktoberhighs. There was a visceral response to it, too. #Mammalian. Feeling a “Now sit yo ass down and scrybe November” in the wings for sure lol.

#wheatgrass was vitamixed, as was ginger, moong dal is soaking for the pending #kitcharicleanse later this week, and laundry is drying. Dinner’s already in me and I have half a mag to go and a LOT of love in my heart…and I hope you do too.

I HOPE everyone’s day was as joyous as mine was today, And if not your today I pray you get your bliss tomorrow.



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