Globalboho.Life: #cardamomgelato #writerheaddreams

In 2010 I was in LA for 36hrs on the other side of a road sign gig in the #Bahamas, fantasizing about one day giving birth to #grievechronic in Venice, feeling chastised every step of the way as the dream tried to formulate itself.

I’d read about this place called #gjelinarestaurant &this #cardamomgelato they had on the menu. The idea ruptured my mind at the time- it’s still one of my favorite spices- but it as #icecream?whaat?

I went there, internally doing battle for that dream in a way I can’t even explain…

who ami not to be& All the outside noise abruptly stopped when I got my first taste of it out on the patio under those lil lights.

No matter how long it took, IT-the writerhead dream-was going to happen, sure as this universe had come up with cardamom gelato. The next morning I headed to #Vegas with a light, assured heart.

Every dream of #LA, of pure #writerhead btwn then & now featured an icebox studded with pints of it lol, Laurel Canyon to Venice, Malibu to the Birds. Trekking to Gjelina to pick up pints of that ice cream being one of the things that pulled me out of my blissful writerhead cave as well as one of the items to insulate me in it, no matter the price lol. Because they didn’t sell it by the pint. Still don’t. Yes, I asked.  They Should. I was needling chefs in my dreams, buying ice cream makers on the astral plane to approximate it, all of it. It was always a motherffing factor lol.

By the time I was in writerhead mode in Venice this year… Having bfast there whenever I pleased while writing, it was just…

worth it.

Everything, every gig, grating incident & all the gelato in between then & 2018 (#NewOrleans tried it,too, #gelato wise).


It was the taste that reminded me of the richness of why I write &the inevitability of it manifesting on the road. I don’t even need it anymore

… Actually migrated to #blacksesamegelato while in Venice this year- but like your inner kid recalls the taste of your favorite thing to get from the ice cream truck, this is now ingrained. It’s proof we can come up with and do epic things.

Now it’s just like awwwwlol.
This one is by a locavore crew called #threetwinsicecream. If you can order it in, you should.

May your writerhead dreams come true too.


#foodpornshot #healthydecadence,baby! #monthlyfoodprep


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