Globalboho.Life: Watch “Angel Brynner’s RAWKTOBER Playlist” on YouTube




This needs no realllllllllllllllllly deep explanation.

RAWKTOBER follows SEPTEMBRIAN NEW YEAR follows Audioslave Avgvst[ all that Globalboho sonics of sonar stuff], since yee olden times of yore, like Rock fucks with Paper AND Scissors.

This is NOT a Masterclass lol.

This is a  wrestlemania sonic battle royale between innerchild and I to select our favorite rock tracks to meditate to each day this month, keeping the definition of “Meditation” broad as a twelve lane highway that is actually  roaring along. Therefore there will probably be singing and surprised mosh-pitting with strangers but there will NOT be  any Rolling Stones. I DO love them but my favorite tracks of the Rolling Stones are the slow burns and the grooves. Ditto for Pink Floyd, the Doors, & Queensryche. Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden are repped in Audioslave[rip Chris Cornell], and Trent Reznor, though epic when it comes to the formative development of these ears, like Depeche Mode, Radiohead, The Cure and Siouxsie and Banshees…heads another sonic list up, coming soon.

Honourable Mention goes, as always to Bronx Style Bob, aka Bob Khaleel for his track Retribution back in 1992. I already WAS a Black Rock Chick by then[ thanks Prince, rip]…but THAT song started my adult sonic life. Props are given. That song encompasses pretty much everything heard Across  all 31* songs on this list.

Special Honors  go to The B52s who, instead of making the daily list, are headlining the ALL Saints and All Souls Day dancing around that will begin for me with a huge  day of the Dead shin-dig scheduled to be erupting out here for Halloween across the pod of people I’m traveling in. Halloween was never really  my thing anyways after I was given license to wear what the frank I wanted whenever at like 4 lol (#headstrongfashistchile).

But All Saints and All Souls days have always stroked my mystique.

In 2018, it’s time to do something about that.

So here’s the list lol, compiled by 43 year old me tussling with 8, 10, 15, and 23 year old me in a comical cage match no one else could see…that was very fun lol.


If nothing else… this list should explain some things.

Below is the actual playlist on youtube for yall #freakflagflyers who wanna astrally play along with me lol.

High Noon.

…#rawktobercometh! #rawktoberisNOW lol.




…and don’t give me lip over the inclusion of Chaka Khan‘s new  song Like Sugar for Halloween Eve’s Rock Anthem lol. It is zee rock of zee Rock Steady  and Think{about it]persuasion, and if you don’t know it, Ms. Aretha Franklin and  Ms. Lyn Collins can school you from Heaven, Ms. Mavis Staples  & Ms. Patti LaBelle’s Labelle catalogues can be of service to you in the here and now. Sly and the Family Stone, though truly dug… can’t win against The Temptations going the fuck off in Ball of Confusion.



*And No, I couldn’t choose between Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground and Red Hot Chili Peppers Higher Ground. to do so would have me still stuck on number 6 right now. So BOTH will be played. Loudly. And RHCP had to be limited or they would’ve overrun the entire list between their catalog and Frusciante’s  solo work. I decided to let his additional sonic presence be felt through the inclusion of Beethoven, and two very diff Mozart riff selections lol: Falcor‘s ROck me Amadeus and Metallica hammering Mozart’s 40th before slamming into Enter Sandman with a badassed cellist-



And yes, I’ve already been playing Twisted Sister all day lol- It is what it is.


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