Globalboho.Life: GYPSIES!!!ABsentee Ballot requests, like…NOW.

We off-the-gridders like to not be bothered with all this, whether we be pacifists, anarchists, gypsies, burnouts, or aware of how corrupt the entire rigged system is and the seeming futility of participating.

I’m asking… on behalf of kids we may all end up being too wise to bring into this fucked world… that we let this  2018 Midterms be us collectively moving ON that system, echoing the words of the banana republic leader of this country, “Like a bitch.”

Not only voting out all EVERY SENATOR WHO IS COMPLICIT WITH THIS KAVANAUGH BULLSHIT…. loudly or quietly. If they aren’t raising their voices at all.. they are on his side.

I believe we have the power to make every one of these repugnant fucks backing him who are technically in office until 2020- which is a lot of them save Ted Cruz- step down.  We see these sanctimonious twats do it all the time, when their mistresses bubble up, or anything that eerily sounds like they’ve been throat deep in all the “liberal demonic shit” they’ve spent their TV sound bites screaming against.

We Vote the fuckers out…

AND we push the fuckers out before their terms close.

While all this Kavanaugh shit has been happening, the House of Representatives pushed through ANOTHER TAX CUT FOR the ones trying to put Kavanaugh in place.

And If trump gives them a presidential pardon when their shit comes out …if Kavanaugh is allowed to join the  Supreme Court, he will split the vote on GAMBLE  VS US. No. 17-646 that is up for vote in October…and they won’t be able to still be prosecuted on the State level for their crimes due to Double Jeopardy. They don’t give a fuck about the midterms. They already know Ted Cruz is going down. They are focused on covering asscheeks that they’ve splayed to butterscotch fog himself.

…look up Separate Sovereigns.

the game isn’t chess…it’s Go.


To find out when your absentee voting application deadlines are, go here:



…my suggestion is you get online today, fill them out and mail them in this week. Some states absentee ballot application deadlines begin hitting next week. I think Texas is October 9th.  This is NOT just for the military. You can bracket the days you will be AWAY from  wherever you are registered to vote  and they will SEND you your ballot wherever  you are.


Let’s let 2018 be the last straw.

Use the system as it’s set and if it doesn’t do what it is technically supposedly set up TO do to correct this…we burn it to the ground in other ways lol.


But this current nonsense has to stop.

It’s an insult to anarchists everywhere.


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