Globalboho.Life: Sundaze.Rising Zen.

What will happen when us being a pupil here on Earth

gets out of the way of our pupils seeing everything clearly



once we’ve gone through the pupal stage of our development

animal insect macro butterfly
[#homophonejoys #blerd!lol]
 on the way to being an adult?


…In the past five years even oceans have become apparent on Mars. What if that red we see is their infrared protection against our prying eyes, and in actuality the planet is a lush goldmine? But…what if the planets look The way they do to us because our levels of perception block us from seeing them differently?

[Artwork by Asillu, an illustrator out in England]

It’s only far-fetched if you ignore the stuff of life. We do the same thing to each other. We all have tales of that person we saw one way and dismissed or wrote off, only to find out later Our perceptions were the ones that were off, and the whole thing had intuitively gone down almost protectively…because who we were earlier wasn’t worthy of their walk. We also all have experiences logged where our “teachers” showed up at Just the right time, teachers that whatever had explicitly gone down before their arrival was the precursor to us being open enough to receive them at all.

I’ve always been in search of, always a trekkie,

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on

absently a student of Einstein &his(wife’s) theory of relativity since age 8. But you know when it became REAL for me? I was 23. Post first time to Japan, back in NYC, suddenly enamored with the Hare Krishna movement because I was Turned OUT on the whole Krishna/Radha consciousness. Was going to temple, singing, traveling to Jersey for festivals of color, breaking bread- & this wasn’t the peach-clad crew. There were gringos but 85% of the congregation was from the Indian sub-continent. I’d been straight Shiva crew prior, cosmic dance, statue in my house. But the dance of my former muse & I were insane…and the only thing that made sense of it was the whole Radha and Krishna construct.

There was a bookstore at the temple in Brooklyn near the Hoyt- Schemerhorn stop. A book that I let go of in 2000 & have been trying to track ever since. It spoke on the Gods of India going to different planets all the time (the way I now gypsy to cities)…and it had painstakingly detailed painted, technicolor pictures. Even got “you get a planet next” deep in parts [#LifeisWORLDBUILDERPREP].

Seeing Shiva standing there in full glory, blue as fuck, a God going wherever he wanted in the universe & creating and destroying from it… And not just him, it presented All of them like that.


depth of field photo of diety god statuette
Photo by Abhinav Goswami on

Krishna consciousness goes deep on that whole ‘there are millions of planets and we have to ability to hop to them all at will’ thing. Heading out with the comprehension of that will be the precursor to any humans being able to survive anywhere, just as in life. We have to do it Inside before it’s going to fully flesh out outside of us.

730am. Sundaze. Rising Zen.




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