Globalboho.Life: [CARL SAGAN]Cosmos dvd deep dive starts tonight…You in?

…and now for something different~

Aight. I KNOW I watched this as a child. Had to. Was too big a PBS/Nova head on my own not to have, too big of a #InSearchof blerd alongside my dad [Now THAT’s a boxed set I’d LOVE]. My  laidback trekkie ass probably came into being due to this on in the background as my Dad & his favorite Black Hippie Vietnam Vet cousin spliffed out playing chess. That’s a mise en scene that cellularly makes sense to me.

But I have absolutely no memory of it. I innately know that I know Carl Sagan’s voice…but I can’t recall Carl Sagan’s voice. This becomes all the more interesting to me because one of the bookkids is ride or die in the spirit with dude. Beanieman. Empathy. Book twelve.  There is some deep-assed “scientificating” in Empathy lol, things that turn some stuff on their ears. But this particular Muse’s affection for Sagan isn’t just absently noted. If Koko is straight tutored by  Socrates and the german hammer, Beanie’s so deep that he has Repeatedly drawn copies of the book that goes with this series into my path in the past year.  On the side of a mountain, once I arrived in Sausalito for this assignment in giant folio form…and now all thirteen dvds are literally in my lap.

Kid is like “Let’s goooo~!!!!”

So be it.

it is 430 pm, September 18th, 2018.

…at 18 hundred hours and 18 minutes on this 260th day[8] of the year…we’re going in.


Episode ONE:

This may manifest as a disk a day over the next few, or I may get completely turned out and do them all across Yom Kippur, sunset tonight into sunset tomorrow. We shall see.


But if the  variously complexioned nerds within you guys are game… you are more than welcome  to sync up and tune in alongside.


Cosmos 1/ the shores of the cosmic ocean.


Cosmos episode breakdown


Thanks to agarthas888, the entire  series  is on youtube here:





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