Globalboho.Life: #theDAYAfter is sweeter the more you step into True you~

…Remember those bleary-eyed #theDAYAfter #epicbirthdayrager brunches of yore? Hair of the dawg flying, your friend who was the most trashed the one sitting there like Lil baby Jesus, completely oblivious to what she or he put you guys through and who had to be paid off to protect the innocent?

Yeah, me neither. Lol.

Oh- I remember the details! Lol- my campy, iron-clad memory of the crazy-assed shit fun people did before the entire society had been tricked into policing itself big-brother-style[ self included lol] is why I am a writer now.

But the food? [*please read the following in the tonalities of Agent Smith  torturing Morpheus for the codes and talking about humans*]:

I don’t remember a damned thing I ate…across 15+ years of insane global underground bday brunches. Not one!  And yall know how I am about food- I ordered some epic meals! I remember the duck I got from Kinokuniya in Seattle in 2009!  All I have for birthdays post #thedewildingofAngela2rewildtheAngel  is a faint image of my ass fucking around with a bloody Mary at a birthday brunch- which is incoherent blasphemy for my arc! It sticks out like a false memory implanted by the Borg or f ureakin Q because one does not DO bloody marys on Virgoan birthdays[#frickingTomatoes?! Celery?! & Like Lemon?! You monster! How Dare you?!lol #dementedlyfastidiousaboutbdaybooze #trekkie]. I recall the spot- It was a restaurant on the corner of Avenue A between 7th & 8th. But I do Not recall the events that led up to my choosing  a flipping bloody mary OR the food selected with it, which just makes it worse lol.  I don’t even recall the food from the post bday brunch in Tokyo, and that was the best, friend soaked bday of my Life[until recently].


When I started getting so sacred about deciding to BE here another year and maintaining annual equilibrium through that choice that I stopped  doing…lots of things… my life changed lol. NYE too. There was a lot of karmic pushback on those calls. Had MANY bday seasons that Sucked…but I had a vision and could handle a few sucky ones with aplomb lol. But the biggest shift was seen when I exited the shenanigans of a year better and entered the new year higher. It’s from all of That the whole #Septembriannewyear thing was birthed.  And when that concept started to walk… #PonFnFARR was instituted… and the day after proceedings got really cool.

That up there, my suddenly hungry friends who have stayed the course on my Billy Ocean-esque Suddenly life has new meaning for me rambling, is my latest #globalbohofoodhack.

…Like a supposedly crazed woman yelling into the wind over all that fake #almondmilk marketing that has had women guzzling for ten+ years(endocrine health be damned), I also stepped around all that #rawkale gorging that has been afoot for a good seven years.

Why? Too much raw kale & almond milk disrupts thyroid health. Now on the almond milk front, they were caught & admitted to having the equiv of Two Almonds per box. The rest? Read the box. It’s why I always say if you like almond milk, make your own. It’s really easy & much better for you.

But raw kale? Triggers both sides of the thyroid demise. &my mom suffered from Thyroid stuff…which made me delve deeper on what could be done in case it shows up genetically in me, even though I guessed hers had more to do with diet & Hay meta stuff.

My only Caveat?

When done well #kaleisswell.

&because I don’t eat it often, sometimes I crave it…and can hear it as such(my body needs something else it’s got) &follow it freely. Like now. Two weeks ago I began to ease a lil in. This week it & wheatgrass are the #greenevent.

For the last few years when I do have kale it’s been massaged with Olive oil.

Now I wash it, De-vein it, douse it in #walnutoil, throw #redpepperflakes into it &let all that marry each other at room temp for a good hour before tossing it in the fridge. #nomassageneeded.

I can prep it in batches &use it easily, warming up handfuls in its own oils…crack some eggs onto that, cover and let steam do its thing.

That’s #blackhawaiiansalt & #cayenne scattered on top, and shredded duck warmed up in the last of the steamy walnut oil &water beside it.

It’s a pretty perfect &fast bfast.


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