Globalboho.Life: The end before the beginning. A waking hiking meditation.

Day off.

…after a pleasant early-ish hike on a newly taken path, basking in feeling dauntless & serene under sunny, beautiful blue skies, #theTiger(#akaTheAngel) returns to her current habitat &folds down to a sacredly prepared #dirtygoldenmilk, feeling dappled #light dance through the leaves & reveal her true stripes for all who’d care to see.


I set out today along the ridge away from the ocean, towards what had brought me such joy Sunday, with water this time instead of #taichiabsorbingchifromheldrockslol #idolovethatmelaninandthatwork.

I was pondering taking the path I’d been curious about the other day -the part of the Miwok that wrapped back towards the water(before my spirit totally upgraded me to Sunday’s epic hike) but as I arrived to the split in the road I saw a sign for a path not yet traveled. Mr #RobertFrost got all #yeahyeahyeah groggily in the city within the seat of my soul.

I got wistful & curious, but then balked because I hadn’t inspected this trail on the map. God shut it down.


I Seconded the admonition, called my ass #dauntless & went up the hill.

I’m feeling so Lionhearted because #Thenewpath Morphed into the one I’d feared the entire time in the realm… The path where allll the crazy screams come from. At night lol #thaaaaaarrbeanimalsinthesewoodsthateatotheranimalswhohowlwithinfamyastheydielol #thuggishanialkingdom #fergetabobcatlol.

It was amazing. As I came down the ridge to where it cut to the part I’ve #ohhellnah’d for two plus months…and it got the same visually gnarly it was from the entry I’d avoided all this time.

But it was poignant. Walking through all that uncomfortable rawness before returning to humanity was straight thresholding, #josephcampbell style. I’d happily gone another way, the long way, a new way, enjoying the ride..and in doing so conquered a fear I’d avoided facing from the inside out.

I filled in the path I’d completed on the map with silver, shimmering in the light cutting through the eucalyptus trees out back along with it.


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