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Energetically speaking, it’s been an intense few weeks. Such is the norm when dealing with #escapevelocity. The finals can feel fucked but as long as you remember they are just That- FINALS- as you GO Through them…you’ll be fine.

What have I been focused on?

Experiencing what it feels like for real to wake  up and meditate, to read haptic and holographically, to hammer away at illustrations keyed to passion projects, to make myself go for at least a short walk in eucalyptus soaked air each day, to paint, to cook AND prep… to AIM for getting the water in, to move on all the #globalbohobeauty recipes to be finalized- The things my life needs to have to be right on Top of the whole being in the right place, right time sort of mode. Because i can be IN LA and not doing these things…and LA’ll be fiiiinneeee…. but it wouldn’t be right.

I’m consciously walking out “Right, Regardless” of where.

Here… I’ve been walking it out…around what I have to do as a gig for the opportunity to walk it out in such a beautiful locale…which really isn’t that much. I feel very blessed. Some days I miss every mark on this or that list…but at least there’s a working list now.

… I’m gearing up for next literally, doing the weird things I had on task to do, like figure out HOW to use the beeswax God made sure I got before I left Venice[which I Just did today and OMG-I’ve made MAGIC!lol-] …taking Good days and relishing them…taking bads that energetically start out kind of ugh and transmuting them to practical, GOODly used, god-given days…taking fiery darts thrown and using those motherfuckers to stoke the fires under my #globalbohobeautyhack divine cauldrons because Fuck that shit, and my maiden name wasn’t Bell for no damn reason… getting all “saving the Rose


until After you’ve made tangible the magic within you, so it’s celebratory lol”

[#muchLove4tharosetho~ #chingching #roseramble]

instead of steadying, lousy-crutch style.

…aND the Blowback has been REAL, i tell ya! It always is when the grid feels you go  all “INTENT” on your shit because it wants you to go even harder, and to do that, to find that in you, said grid may sometimes irk you to quit. All of it.  Because until it’s fully “Hell No,” it’s technically kinda fucking yes. #realtalk.

…I broke out in Eczema. In response. To standing my ground in the midst of utter bullshit only jumping off because of progress it was checking to see if I had gotten was such. Healing-crisis style.  Eczema was an issue I was literally born with due to the genes of a dry-assed, happily ashy paw lolol who worked his ass off in the most mercurial ways. Eczema is part of why my virgo ass dove so deep into the mitochondria of natural beauty early on, having grown quickly tired of dermatological creams that never healed the root issue. I had worked an ongoing armistice out with it…so its appearance is always taken seriously.  But this time the appearance intro was different.  & when you’ve been healing for a long time, systematically working through your shit…you note when a healing crisis swerves. you see the second cat for what it is. #thematrixhaschanged lol.

THIS TIME…It wasn’t asking for me to Fire in the Hole the  things afoul… and God knows I’m a pyre-ful fn Angel to the marrow lol-  Usually I get all “Burn it! Go for the dross, baby!” Like my moms was listening to that Ohio Players song{Fiiiiiire..(dundundun-)} and the Cuyahoga river was aflame as she was pushing me Out onto this ever-loving plane! lol.

…This time It was cheering me on -in the midst of peripheral calls to mayhem-wanting &needing my energy to run on[#thatpart]- to show what I’ve learned, and to heal myself, my tribe in sight… because none of that smoke was necessary anymore…my eyes locked on them as the only thing that mattered.. And iii did, without missing a beat. Because seeing them in flow, bucket on head in tow was the only dainogi bonfire on a mountainside needed to know to keep going.

And it’s the kind of deep… that makes it all manifest like this: I’d honored the pull to Amazon Prime into the woods what turned out to be the Very thing the eczema requested to finally heal it…one day before it hit.  Something I’d never used. And it got delayed due to the holiday… which gave me time to find out why it was requesting said thing… so as soon as it had landed, instinct and pragmatic research had oiled all gears for go.

…which is kinda cool.




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