Globalboho.Life: RIMOWAlove

Also known as…

When your spam folder has got jokes that “birthday season” rib you over the #dreamofdreams #soldoutinred #ionohowmysoulcansomehowaffordbutimrighttherewithit

#suitcaseeyelovejonesjoy that IS a random #Rimowa commercial casting pointed at you.

rimowa love

It’s calling all the way from nyc, hitting my #nonactor box due to recent assassin gig explorations back home in June. I’m out here on assignment in the greater san fran area & There’s a Rimowa flagship store in SF that I have put off going to because it’s going to hurt lol, but it’s still on the obscenely short list of things that’ll get me over the ridge into said city. Telling you, they could pay me in cases to be in their commercial lol. Plus residuals, of course. Penultimate #Globalbohostyle? A red aluminum one. The red polycarbonate salsa has been sold out at every size for ages. Like they make about 12 just to hurt futureshocked  #gypsies lol.

I beat the hell out of suitcases doing arthead Globalboho things & had heard OF them absently over the years but never delved deeper. Not into “#thisisits!!” when I hear them after time in a realm where everything was packaged as such.

Then a few months ago as my Rocky (the current #Globalboho travel stallion) languished due to scratches received making it to Sausalito for this assignment, I got inspired to look into a red case for the next leg of Globalboho treks, and to let him retire gracefully.

I saw a pic shortly thereafter. Got punched in the face by it, actually … then I followed it as it ran down a rabbit hole into a post on @TravelandLeisure’s site. I didn’t care WHo it was by… I just Loved it lol. Turned Out to be Rimowa turning my heart in on itself.

I was even thinking of making it the “combo only #bdayxmasnewyearsgift ” to my tightly budgeted, gypsy self, cutting all else required off the  current gypsy gear up list for the next season to acquire it. It is possibly this reason that God made it sold Out as soon as I said F it and looked. I kinda needed those other things lol. But talk about a weirdly worthy sacrifice!

That…was a first.  Being overcome by a case. I even mention  it not by name in my revisionist purist blog a ways back. But it was only after letting the concept of it fully go that it registered that the case that first inspired me to finally get Rocky & his brethren were 99% possibly Rimowa aluminums too. I just never put a name to them. I’d wanted the Rocky style for ten years before I finally got them for myself for my birthday in 2013. And with all my incessant hop, skip and jumping for residencies and interim gigs,  though not the ones that initially inspired me,the rocky set never broke, just were released as I streamlined on the road.



…I’m fine now.

But I found it funny that upon checking spam folders for something else Rimowa looking for raving fans willing to be extras was the first thing I ran into. That’d be a cool gig.