Globalboho.Life: THANK YOU, NEW YORK! #Grievechronic #DarkSummerLove

I just sheepishly wanted to say thanks… to all of you who quietly participated in the kindle giveaways of the first ten books of Grievechronic for the GC DDay Drop Zone Summer events.

thanks 2nd trips gc

…Yes, you were being watched. I write f ureaking Dystopias, what the f*ck did ya expect?! Lol Come on!! #freedomisntFree!lolol-

…Jokes aside(#calllllmdowwwwnnnn~)…

What blows me away the most isn’t just that you guys DID take me up on my #goodlookingoutgift to NYC of the books…… it’s that So Many of you in Germany, Spain, Japan, the United Kingdom AND L.A. took me at my word  when I gave everyone else the heads-up and did such a #ridealong on that spiritual fistbump between me and my spiritual hometown.

…Yall who know my heart know that I am not interested in reviews down any traditional channel. I give no fucks nor panders to all of that. I mean, you can  big up that route if you feel pulled… by the most important pull to ME and the INTENT of this work…is that you do what you just did over the past ten weeks… which is tell people you thought would vibe with the dark  frequency about grievechronic so they could get the books and see for themselves.

And for each of you that is here… Due to that Style… MuchLove… and please…pay that vibe forward.  We’re doing this #Velvetrevolution Style, keeping it as underground for as long as we can.  The weirdest thing that could happen to grievechronic right now is for it to end up on their loud-assed lists.

Because I cuss. Profusely. When asked dumb shit. About things I’ve put in Black & white. By people who know exactly what the fuck I said…who aren’t ready to deal with a flow like that.


…Thank you so much for everyone you told about my Grievechronic series #FightClubstyle. Yall KNOW my demented ass Loved that lol.

Much Love for the love this summer…


… and Continue the slow burn.

…you can still click on the covers over at to go direct to each book of the first ten to purchase on Amazon.


intl nyc thanks gc drop zone summer





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