Globalboho.Life: #thisismines. For NOW…#andthatsok.

A typical Sunday on the far side of Sausalito.

THIS is busy for this place. Which may be why Rodeo Beach is already so endearing to me. Turns out the one piece of inexplicable detritus that blends awkwardly in with the landscape is the last of a decomposing whale. But instead of freaking you out it tells you about nature. There’s no smell. A manager of the place said it is just the fat now, slowly being massaged away by sand and ocean water.

…I heard about something at the tail end of my Sunday mini-hike that has captured me. A father & son- swam from San Francisco to Sausalito &were rewarded with a bottle of Shark wine that they couldn’t fit in their carry on. “only two miles.” They said lol. In water that never warms? Full of animals? Impressive to me.

Now… I am already aware… I’m the most weird motivation-oriented Angel I have Ever met.

What Finally got my routinely non-running ass off its duckus & on the road to my first 5K [in Miami three years ago from nola-During Mardi Gras season, no less] was not some weird kumbayah “Let’s stampede with Miami Marathon people” energy.

… It was an illicit combo of

the adrenaline soaked aftermath of having literally walked on Fucking Fire- [🔥 Fire, I tell yA!lol- my Lilly-livered, “#ioncarehowAthleticilook #iontplaywithBallsformidgetjollies & #motherfuckerisaidiontrun,” “my toes are Sensitive” feet] across 2500° burning coals* with 5000 other batshit crazy amped folks at Midnight, at a Tony Robbins Unlimited Power Within seminar…

(*I’m sure by the time I die it’s gonna be remembered as 17,000°coals but it really was btwn 2200° &2500°)(& I was like 7th because if I’d have Waited in that god-awful line Looking at those Tony f ureaking Robbins coals a minute longer I’d have chickened the fuck out – I RAN down there to get it Over with lol #COOLMOSS lol #sommayallknow)

fire hot glowing barbecue
Photo by Skitterphoto on

AND…instantly wanting to Epic-Top it,

laying on my hotel bed in Dallas in happy baby pose, marveling at how happily non-blistered or even bothered said blessed feet were by the Xmen aspect of all that, going “Wow, maybe I CAN run without needing the encouragement of tackling a fleeing fellow arthead for stealing my ultramarine blue acrylic & wasting it… yeah…but it’s going to have to outdo this here crazy assed shit.” I got online and looked up crazy assed races[ I Love Google], sifting through Pokemon runs(childish sh*t), dayglo night runs( For those who didn’t DO the underground and raves out in the abandoned farmhouse wilds of middle America & were still JOnesing for breaking glowsticks and bouncing to beats… I Got it, but nah~), and a slew of zombie apocalypse runs [Another nah for the #thisisscifi chick, due to being the perfect place for an actual zombie ambush to take place, over committed fake wkd zombie zealots biting folks while I’m cheekily singing “They’re coming to get you, Barbara~”over my shoulder, only to see someone go down for real & for my decades deep “THIS here Black person is making it to the End of this Horror movie, dammit- without Getting shot in the fn head by racists!” 300+viewings of George Romero’s NOTLD reverse manchurian candidate training to kick on-]


…until I zeroed in on… #VOLCANORUNS.

…i’D FOUND MY vULCAN-ic People…and, not wanting to die yelling ” The MaaahhhggggMAa~! It got me!” as mofos yelled  “That’s actually LAva~” over their shoulders as they LEFT me to dissolve for having the audacity TO sign up for a 5, 10 or 20K #volcanorun never having ran a mile… I had something to Train TOWARDS.

[…how could I be mad?I’d have left too lol #theyreallyaremypeoplelol #idhavedeservedtodieforthattheremesslol #asksomebody #donttripoverairbecauseangelwillleeeaveyou ]

NO~ I Haven’t done said Volcano run yet…But I will… because between then and now I HAVE #laidbackVirgo prepped my body to at least not die on it, doing things that will Help me TO be able to Do the run when I get to it. & now- three years later, after the Miami & Hollywood races, LA hikes, the work residency out in the sauna-like heat of the boulder mountains of Joshua Tree, the acclimating to higher atmospheric hiking conditions above Taos at 7634 to 8500 ft elevations, Hiking outside of Flagstaff at 7600 ft, the temperate rainforest hikes outside of Seattle last year and averaging six miles at what feel like 70 degree angled mountain passes out here presently… I have gradually carved a mental space for the faith that my body can Do that race that I have on my heart…AND at a higher level than I once Hoped to be able to enter and compete against myself at. #thePointis… all this time, the multifacted physique capable of not being left to dissolve in a river of lava I couldn’t outrun …has been the only real motivation. And it has worked. Because I could see that lol. Me doing that.

Getting a trainer like a norm, setting an actually quite pseudo- virgoan schedule of gym visits to push my body to that capacity staring at a cinderblock wall?

Not my style. It’s just not quietly melodramatic enough for this ship. I am STILL not amused when I have to walk on grass yet I am geeked to run through a jungle up a volcano, tag the top and run back. Iono What street it is that has these parameters, but I was born on it & it may be mentally genetic. I’ve seen my dad cry like a punkass getting off a roller coaster[ to be fair, Kings Island was no joke at the time & the summer Demon Drop came out it WAS a next level beast lol… but Still. Lol “Are you-crying?! That’s an fn Tear?! What the Hell?!” My sister and I were DONE lol] but because he has fricking sky dived his “Well Damn, that’s badass” street cred points remained intact.

As for the sudden captivity I wrote of that led to discussing all that up there… there’s a swimming goal I have had on my heart for years that I have also slowly & weirdly been chipping away at. I want to learn to surf before I die. I mean SURF. Like Kelly Slater going “Kinda Sloppy~” just to be a dick afterwards because I gamely did that surprisingly well coming into the game so late kind of surfing. I’m talking Trash talk Kelly Slater & actually be able to back that shit up kinda surfing. Hang out with Gabrielle Reece and Laird without drowning or being left behind like a lil bitch kind of surfing. Make the Duke proud kind of abilities. Not competitively, just… you know.

Why? When I am in both #writerheadmode and & #artheadmode that is what I’m doing, actually. For multiple decades. Surfing. And my trajectory on This bodhigoal has been very different. It began with hacking away at a phobia triggered by a very real event in 1979-That same crybaby mentioned above threw me up on his back at the edge of a pool with no warning and dove all 6’4″ of himself in headfirst into the deep end-MY head first because I was on his shoulders lol. #fnAlmostDied lol… that wasn’t fully overcome until the spring of 2011, when the Ocean itself taught me how to swim down in south beach[ after 5 cycles of classes across my lifetime couldn’t break the grip of the trauma]. Beyond the jellyfish incidents in the Atlantic, stingrays and baby sharks started swimming up to my “flailing but fn doing it” ass to cheer me on… making my “ok, yeah, I hear you’re happy for me but you’re still a shark & it’s a Leetle early for all this Aquawoman shit~ Let me Focus, geez!lol” ass migrate to a swimming pool…where a lifeguard took my ass under his “Ok, I’ll just watch, here, use my goggles” wing for my first boost of “I gotta do this myself” practicing.

Both the art & writerhead gigs at Surfer’s Haven ON Surfers Beach( the best kept surfing secret on the east coast that I can speak freely about because no one’d believe my not surfing yet ass) in Eleuthera AND traveling across Mexico to hang in Sayulita[ a spot quietly known as the perfect surfing school beach] ahead of the art residency in Queretaro were keyed to this Surfing goal, as is gravitating to Venice.

…Swimming from San Francisco to Sausalito, with all the scifi lore attached to Having to do something like that anyway to reach the rest of the Resistance due to the Golden Gate bridge being blown out in the Last War [#johnnyMnemonic to #BookofEli]…could be a pleasantly epic midway point to focus on hitting that suits whatever this #butdidyouDIE?? aspect in me is.

The only Possible caveat?

…I’ve been cybernetically clowning the perverse illicit activities of Dolphins since Miami Lol. There may be…comedic issues…but the campy possibilities in that are all the more encouraging.

“Well…She decked a Dolphin on the way across~ but he apologized for the impudence[“#gaekgaekgaekgaek”], she accepted it and he swam off… so she’s cool.”




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