Globalboho.Life: #Activerecovery #ontheroadstyle.

The arc of it is so bashfully beautiful it even makes me blush & I’m just passing by…

A group of men who just did this badassed endurance race have taken over the meadow in celebration… Of replacing addictions of choice …with adrenaline. A #drumcircle #activerecovery is so fucking cool …and it’s the only thing that really seems to work, “Find a purer high & you’re really going to fly” style.

“Now… we cliff jump, rock climb all over-& It’s all guys(#bonding)- &not everyone gets to go- we work UP to being able to go on trips like these together.”

They had a chick &her partner come out to Teach them how to drum in the middle of the wilderness after surviving this crazy-assed iron man style relay race out in Tahoe. Together. That’s all newbies you’re hearing.

It’s totally the best #revisionisttribalrite I’ve gotten to witness in a really long while.


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