Globalboho.Life: The otha Gamechangers/Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett Smith and company.


I’ve always LOVED Jada.

Even before she married the dude who reminded Everybody in my life of my goofy big brother, I was down with Jada. See, JADA went to college as LENA right as I was hitting  High School, a 92% Black performing arts college prep magnet school with majors & dogs in every scholarship race known to man. Us working and middle class offspring arts kids were cash-poor but talent-rich and  Supremely affected by the Different World we KNEW was available to us thanks to  television. My Generation was that Tell-a-Vision generation that got it good and to the fullest- They proved the signal worked[ then spent the rest of the 90s tainting it #wholenothapostlol]- that’s why so many of us people of color Are out here doing whatever the fuck we want artistically, one way or another. My school was like Hillman & the hood that the character Lena came from  all in one lol so there was no cultural shock for some of us hitting campuses the year it officially went off the air.


Even after she married Will[& he KEPT making the kind of scifi that ensured I’d end up being a writer ON that spectrum, alongside every other power move he made AS an actor], It was still very #teamjada for me. Because of Set it off, Because of NIOBE omg-& I ONLY in the past month found out they’d Wanted her for Trinity[ my Brain Exploded with that one- I THOUGHT matrix shook me lol…that? JEEEEEsus]- Because she rocked the fuck out with her band and i’m a rock-chick til tha day i FN go to the Otherside-

It’s just been… HER. lol- it even’d out a bit when Will did Hancock… and made me desire for the first time in my lone wolf artist walk life to write someone else’s script/screenplay in earnest, like “put grievechronic on pause, almost” earnest lol. And watching the choices the kids make creatively growing up under the impact of the two…even Not following it but in that weird quasi-old school neighborhood way, the ones you come up on, or with… or who you see stepping into theirs as you are starting out on your journey… you Are absently checking for them, happy their kids aint crazy and ish.

But with #RedTableTalk, and the potency of that cross-generational vibration between Willow, Jada and Adrienne]Jada’s mom]… no matter how many bridges Will runs up the side of to dance on top of… it’s JADA4THAWIN.


THE CONVERSATIONS… this woman has decided to HAVE at that little red table…are conversations I didn’t even realizie I NEEDED desparately to Hear women having…to see THAT being put out there…broadcast…so Other women…can have the courage to have their own versions OF those talks IN their spheres of concern and influence.


And Having EACH of them there…makes it all the more powerful. WHY? Because Our grandmothers fought through and Off the wolves to survive through some of the implications embedded in this being a woman mess in this culture, Our mothers pushed forward in some of this [thanks to Oprah’s turning 50 changing the entire landscape of how women were able to openly embrace speaking their truth on a massive, cultural scale], we have made our hippie’d mamas clutch more pearls than they’d ever thought they’d wear after all that bra burning…and our kids are coming Out setting the vestiges of the old on fire with such elegant finesse that it’s stupefying… But the change comes…in us ALL realizing that our respective eveolutions and expansions are what is truly pushing the clock forward and our supporting one another IN our respective developments, even when it is so different than each others…can be harnessed, and can possibly make us invincible.


yeah… so this is a Facebook TV show review.

…This is the counter to predictive programming.

If yall havent checked this show out, you really should, Because you need it. & your girlfriends need it. And yer men need it. Because we Need to talk.

And lets be clear lol…

Ionwanna do it. Talk. lol. But for the first time in a very long whole the signal is shifting so as to seem as though we finally can in  a way that those who Can’t NOT just say the shit…can be met in that same space of truth with a sense of camaraderie instead of seen with fear for the force of honoring what it feels like from behind their eyes.


People tend to feel less attacked by your truth when they wake up to the reality there is space, time and an abject need for them to walk in theirs. Your doing your truth for you gives them the space to move in their truth for them with none of the vitriol the grid has gotten us thinking is required in all of this.

…and you really don’t want to be backpeddling two years from now, playing catch-up…because a Whole Buncha people are waking up , personal-life wise due to what Jada, her mom, daughter…and everyone else who comes by to have those REALREALreal talks at That Red Table are challenging themselves to do.

In a #thisisscifi, quasi social commentary kind of way that only my Dark Fantasy ass can cast it so you all recognize lol… This right here very well may be the beginning of the Rapture lol.


What they’re doing, no holds barred is going to trigger some broad leveling up, for sure.


…and NO, I did not get PAID to write this.

I wrote it…because I got fucking FED.

I’m telling yall…to #goEAT.







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