Watch “Drama Actresses Roundtable: Angela Bassett, Elisabeth Moss, Claire Foy, Thandie Newton | THR” on YouTube

THIS Roundtable!!


#thandieNewton RoArs out the gate! #SandraOH-mygosh!

What made this so unpretentious, interesting &integrating was that you couldn’t have picked a more divergent sort of roundtable when it comes to experiences as a woman in even the roles offered and empowered by. Maggie Gyllenhaal has been known for finding her power in exactly the area she spoke from & to see how she not only has embraced it but comes from a place of having rooted in that was a really interesting foil to certain aspects of the discussion. They were all vibrantly open to that power, respectively speaking &it was beautiful to see what happens when we allow ourselves as women to just be the Creatives we are, however the geist chooses to manifest through our vessels.

They’ve ALL taken different paths to personal creative power & they are all still 100% woke on the journey. It’s beautiful to get to see.

Elisabeth Moss & Claire Foy also brought- it was such a saturated with life conversation to witness. I wish I got to see& be a part of dynamism like this on a regular.


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