Where the Wild things are… GRIEVECHRONIC D-DAY FREE BOOK DROP week FIVE: Erebus.

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gc dday ere2

“Erebus: Where Hope is dragged to die…Or Fight for its right to life.

It’s a particular shade of Hades just under the surface of Earth, sometimes as close as right beneath the skin we live and breathe in. It’s the haggard truth hidden behind picket fences, buried under prize-winning rosebushes, at its brightest when your spirit wants to die, wildest when the blood starts to go cold. It is the seat of all the negatives, the home of every nefarious intent after you …the ghostly whisper of demons saying they ARE you.

But it’s not nature versus nurture. Never was.
And it’ll hack Jacob’s Ladder to bits if you let it.
It’s the hell no one knows you had to take to get to where you barely are.

We all have it. Many live or die by it but most drown in it.
Because it is also the only way out.
Things don’t just happen.
And “you never know…”
But this time you will.
The grounds on which hearts gave out are full of bones. That speak.

Going back is the beginning of breaking out.
What is swept under the rug will rise up.
Enjoy the escape velocity.


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