The Wilderness calls… GRIEVECHRONIC D-DAY FREE BOOK DROP week FOUR: Exodus.

Starting at High Noon on June 27th, FREE kindle editions of Exodus, the third book of Grievechronic are up for grabs for 12 hours!

Head over to and click on  the cover for  Exodus to access the ultimate Dark Fantasy way to get over Hump Day FOR FREE!

Follow link for more: Grievechronic D-Day free book drop wk 4/ Exodus.

gc day exo

“Nothing really matters until clarity becomes King.

Every tyranny ends.

And History is always written by the victors until the victims rise up and wipe the slate clean.

Those that benefit from you betraying yourself will never cheer your rising up.

Which is why there will be blood.

What are you willing to crawl through to break out what is trapped within you?

Send out the signal…

end transmission…


…if you can. ”


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Susanne says:

    The link to your website doesn’t work (from my cell.)


    1. aolabglo says:

      Thank you for the heads up! In the interim go to & the title exodus under angel brynner- you can download it for free directly there to


    2. aolabglo says:

      And thank you for even wanting it. We fixed what was afoot with the site


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