Judgement Day begins… GRIEVECHRONIC D-DAY FREE BOOK DROP week THREE: Ecclesia.

Starting at High Noon on June 20th, FREE kindle editions of Ecclesia, the second book of Grievechronic are up for grabs for 12 hours!

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“Within your children lay my judgement against you.”

Even in specially crafted hells there can be respite…asylums crammed full of AWOLs [Adaptives, Awares, Latents], POWs and Moles struggling with the dawning reality that things that happened  “to” you can also end “through” you.

You may be broken and buried underground but you are freed by a dawning truth:

The new, numbed out normal exists in no light.

How do you fight what is designed to blank while it baby-sits?

Eradicate the virus via the door it first came through.

Use the nature of the machine to bring it to its knees.

The score is not settled until the walls fall, setting the captives Free… And walls won’t come down until the hands go up.

Grieve-chronic celebration?
Or Global inoculation?
You be the judge.

“It happened to everyone” is now our battle cry.

The truth will set you free.gc dday drop ecc


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