Globalboho.Life : #sageeverything.


It’s something I’ve gotten accustomed to doing on the road, be it spaces, interactions, potential collabs, even offerings- It’s living in this head of what you bring to and take from the grid being sacred when it really comes down to it, the actions of giving and receiving as a kind of energetic stewardship.

That is the biggest #ancestralgift Taos gave me. Recognition that it’s all sacred, and not in some hokey way. I’d been introduced to the power of sage in downtown Miami by Katherine Hummingbird & the collection of southeastern Native American artists, educators & scholars she rolls deep with. They sealed me like the true fam they knew me to be on site, made me wish I’d met them at the beginning of arthead sojourns through those parts instead of the end. But if I’d done THAT all the lessons I Had to learn in MIA would still be on tap. #GodsSyntax at work again lol. But it was in Taos where the energetic pitch is so sharp that the mechanics of it were driven home, even if I can’t put words to it.

In Christian circles they talk about putting on the armour of God…and those that do it for real before leaning in have stories to tell you of times nothing but it saved them. I find it comforting that ancestors had a similar sense of the sealing yourself against the bullshit, even in supposedly simpler times. It hits home to me that there’s no such thing AS simpler times if humans are involved because it’s not about what we build in a culture it’s what rises up from the depths of us in interaction with others wherever we are.

…and weirdly enough, I find that comforting too.


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