Globalboho.Life: Mexico. Big Pharm & Border Baby madness/ a Public Service Announcement[& knowing is Half the battle].



Ok. I’m not going to go into… A lot of areas I could on this topic of kids at the border.


But what I Will say is this: IN 2012, I had an#artresidency with an ecohotel in the city of #Queretaro, capital of the State of Queretaro, Mexico, in the UNESCO world heritage #centrohistorico…imagine the french quarter in New Orleans,10x the size, perfectly restored.IMG_20180619_151715 Queretaro is beautiful- it’s where Mexicans vacation, especially during #semanasanta. It’s a city of town squares & obscenely gilded churches…built from the pyramids the Spanish destroyed to build them.


It is also where the families of multiple drug lords reside, in effect a neutral zone. None of the madness hopping off along our border or in other areas affects QRO because the truce is connected to letting the progeny of these families grow up in peace. #business. However, due To this neutrality…while I was there a GARGANTUAN Building boom was afoot beyond the centro historico.

27,000 Families were moving INTO Queretaro state from the North, East, West & South due to the brutal gang warfare(That THIS COUNTRY is complicit in #wholenotherpost ). I thought that was in a month…which would have been mindblowing. Depending on who you spoke to It was Daily or Weekly. Not solo people. Families. Moving to the Only neutral zone that wasn’t being hit. I wasn’t even allowed to go down to Cuernavaca at the time (the #Olmec‘s spring vacation spot I went into Mexico for in the first place to research for #grievechronic ) because some gringo girls got killed & right after I left #sayulita riding thru Guadalajara, mofos were being lynched off bridges.&#istillfnlovemexico



When people say “WHY would they bring their little kids to cross the border when they know it’s illegal?!?! There’s no War! Why do they need help? How are they claiming amnesty?!”


America- the drug wars are due to your addicted asses being serviced by pharmaceutical companies fucking you…They don’t care if you die…& they don’t care if people where their cash crops & backed cartels are die. What is washing up on your doorstep babes to breast is due to USA medicine cabinets.

They are the tangible manifestation of addictions this entire country is having a very hard time coming to terms with. The brutality of what is happening at the border sadly pales in comparison with what is being run away from at the place they called home that ended up being decimated due to our country’s consumptive issues.
Fuck asking #middleamerica for sympathy.



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