Globalboho.Life: …MOooood.


I was given a heads up in  dreams this morning that was spot on when I looked into it upon rising. Kinda love that. Even moreso because I got groggy- It was before 530 when I woke up and went to grab the computer- sat it down next to the bed, got a flash of me climbing back into that warm puddle of sheets…and the heads up psychically flashed right back, countering the puddle, all “handle it IN the puddle, but …”

…Sometimes the veil is very thin between who we currently are, who we become and the energies we are on the other side of it all.

Thanks to all of you who are spreading the word about grievechronic.

Yall know my heart on the whole Velvet Revolution vibe, so that buzz from you all over the demented world I’ve crafted is sorely appreciated. I’m being pushed to yoller for online reviews. Personally I’d rather you grunt “Maaan~ you gotta read this weird, wild-assed-” in someone’s ear and they check it out than some “Sabado! Sabado! Sabado!” schtick… but whatever you’re called to do, do that.


Yall know how I am… between quietly Taking ten years to activate 200 wild ones that go out and brutally change the world for Love versus  two months  of pop culture fire then having to explain myself twenty years to people who are mad they understand it more than they ever wanted to…I’d choose neither.

Just let me write. And make art so it feels like i’m gruffly fashioning the universe with my bare hands- yaaaaar! lol.

If I can find Ayn Rand acting foolish in the back of an inner city magnet school English class, the ones who are supposed to find grievechronic will be led to it all, too. Books trigger that in us. Homing devices lol.



person standing with hands on air on brown wooden dock with overlooking view of lake under white clouds and blue sky
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