In The Beginning… (reload)GRIEVECHRONIC D-DAY FREE BOOK DROP week TWO: Eutaxis.

Starting at High Noon on June 13th, FREE kindle editions of Eutaxis, the first book of Grievechronic are up for grabs for 12 hours!

Head over to and click on  the cover for  Eutaxis to access the ultimate Dark Fantasy way to get over Hump Day FOR FREE!

Follow link for more: eutaxis. Grievechronic DDAY free book drop zone wk 2

gc dday eutaxis copy

“Established Order. OVERRIDE.

Artyo Jaymes is one of them.

In the near future, one of the walking wounded (the so-called ‘survivors’ of a 21st century media induced child abuse epidemic that cannibalized her generation) that barely escaped familial madness is dragged back home to settle the score once and for all, come hell or supernatural high water.

When an established order prospers due to things done in the dark to its weakest, getting away will not be enough.

Eutaxis, book one of the grievechronicles by Angel Brynner.

Available in paperback and for a limited time this summerweek TWO Grievechronic DDAY Free Book Drop zone summer/ Eutaxis on Kindle.”



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