Globalboho.Life: Artwork for the GRIEVECHRONIC KINDLE EDITIONS by Angel Brynner. Summer 2018.

RE: Covers &  books/ Thank you, Venice (and AA). 

RE: Flyers, website & Ads/ Thank you, NYC (and CMF). 

& I am officially a bigamist, spirit of cities-wise.

…Because this would’ve never had the chance to bloom without the God-given space found weirdly within both of these places, thanks in part to the comprehension of the arthead behind the necessity of Grievechronic NOW by AA & CMF. 

This Summer’s sporadic giveaways of  Kindle versions across the entire #GrievechronicUniverse [so Far~] is my way of saying thank you to the Universe we currently live in for how this all came together.

This is my way to give back  and pay it forward.

You can STILL Purchase the  books on any other days in support of the crazy-assed Grievechronic Geist. And you should!

…But if you know someone who is wrestling with the dark matter at the center of Grievechronic that thinks they are Alone… let them know they are not…by sending them to grab a copy  of any of the books on a free day.

Some waking up are going to be pissed off, ready to fight.  And a lot of this world is set up to douse that fire within them before they can do with it what it was given to them for. Grievechronic is the antidote to that attempt to snuff out those flames. The Truth really IS the only thing that is going to set the captives free. The WAR is already upon us. Gearing up to Face what the war was always really about is the first step to winning it.


…the series is written in a way that no matter where they come into the tale they can always go backwards or forwards to catch up.

-Angel Brynner, D-Day 2018.crow gc one




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