#artheadGPS/Where in the world now?!

Hey yall~

#1.Thanks for the yollers to “Post Something, dammit!”

Number two: I’ve been  quiet down most channels due to being in work mode.

Let’s see~ I spent the 2017-2018 holiday season in Taos nailing down the formatting  for the AOLAB active Art Book series, a chunk of January in Sedona being consigliore to the bad-assed effervescent artist Jennnifer Epperson during her Women as Birds exhibition[ which you should definitely check out when it hits the road… Powerful show], and I just wrapped up a three month stint in Venice, California, revamping series covers, building sites, revising & stealth dropping the first four books of my Dark Fantasy series as ebooks then finishing rewrites on the final six volumes of /grievechronic\ in preparation for their release… all while immersing in-depth for the Globalboho Guides.

I’m currently in NYC for a minute for a few meetings, clean-slated, believing for #realreellove and #artheadgigmiracles in the space of that as Exist, Esthesis, Epicharis, Elision, Elysum and Empyrean gear up for their stealth digital releases, #velvetrevolutionstyle. You heard it here first. …Deluge(AOLAB#1), Globalboho Guide #1 and Exile, Empathy & Eternity are all in utero…because they’re all aspects of the same transmedia universe and my artgeist likes making me carry multiple children at once lol.

…no gigs set for May, June and July.

iiiiii Knooowwww~ a first.

In MANY years.

I consciously chose not to take on any residency, art gig or exhibition  for this period because landing a certain LCTG[#lifechangingteamgig] on my heart would’ve made me have to cancel  anything else since I do the whole thing top to tip. The getting to put my hands to building out the world for people to step into is the arthead joy, not any pseudo sense of notoriety over “you DID this.” Y’all who’ve met me IN my shows know my primary focus is making sure you guys feel comfortable enough to wild out within them.. you know the “It’s me” aspect is just not my bag. But I couldn’t disrespect a spot that respected the bizarre vision I roll up  with enough to invite me and then be all ” Umm~ great but can we push this back a few months because my heart’s desire manifested?”

I may have to pay for the #NonVirgoan, #nonpragmatic #nobackup aspect of all that… but having courage to jump raw and why i did has already paid emotional dividends.

So we’ll see.

Meanwhile, in 4 hours I will have been back in NYC for 72 hours… the first time in a very long while.  And It feels good on every single level. I didn’t know exactly how much I missed my #exhusbandofacity until it kissed me yesterday. God knows where I’ll be in the next few…frankly, I’m just going with it. Best thing to do lol.

A few more posts are coming.

But I hope you’ve enjoyed your update.




Giving birth to the full-on, exactly to artgeist spec version of  /grievechronic\  in VENICE where i’d once envisioned I would…was everything I dreamed it’d be and more. I fell in love with living on the beach even though there were MANY days I only absently saw it from the kitchen when I forced myself out of the cave to go eat lol. I was asked all the time how I could write there with all the incessant energy of that vortex. For me? It was like “How could I not?” Then again I AM kind  notorious for going mad zen atop crazy assed, frenetic vortexes[#globalboho4life!lol]. But Venice in the winter reminded me of Manhattan in the Summer…which is my favorite NYC.

p.p.s.,…and I told yall facebook was doing that lol. Granted, surely Instagram is too, but eh. My arthead stream of conscious flow  working itself out digitally makes my cases much lighter not having to carry so many journals from art gig to residency to project lol.

coverEXIST 2018
Cover art mock-up for Exist, book five in the nonlinear Dark Fantasy series /grievechronic\ by Angel Brynner.

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