South Lake Tahoe/ Sweet Swan Song Summation. #Muralhead.


The mural in South Lake Tahoe was meant to be reconnaissance for the area but it bloomed into so much more. A artistic circle closed for me here. The name of the mural is “Black Hole Sun,” and it ended up being my first memorial piece ever, dedicated to Chris Cornell  of Soundgarden & Audioslave and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, two guys whose music  outfitted me this entire AOLAB trek, from the beginnings of #grievechronic and beyond.  It’s also an homage to the vortex in the center of lake Tahoe, which is felt as soon as you see it coming in across HWY 50, and it is as active. The painting shifts and unfolds differently depending on where you are standing under it, goes for vertigo. Which is pretty cool.

But another cosmic circle closed as my need to draw big on a wall worked itself out. The technology to go forward on another project I’d had on the backburner for years caught up with me. I’d designed fabric riffing off the #aolabtrek collages for an envisioned home furnishings line eons ago. A few days before I left Tahoe as I was finishing up the detailing on the ceiling …I was sent a picture I’d given up hope of ever seeing come to fruition a month earlier in Washington as notes lay strewn on the condo threshing floor while I tersely streamlined my dreams…


…to be continued.




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