#muralhead #livinglavidaTahoe

The supply run went down around 3pm, the thumbs up to take over the ceiling went down around 4.

#inprocessshot of the Actually as of yet unnamed* mural (iiiiiii know! I’m known to name everything…#livingfromadifferentlight#hadnteventhoughtaboutaname) I got to come check out Lake Tahoe for #globalboho via.

Partial views.

Ear still hasn’t popped from the ride down and up into the mountains. Can’t hear anything but the imaginary beating of wings and Janelle Monae’s tightrope on repeat.

Came out of the zone to chat a few times…the one that keeps on giving is the guy in the trio who went “you want any adderall or weed to help? …I  mean I don’t have any, but~lol.

Taking a dinner break.  #Catan has devoured a group nearby and I finally had to go ask the rules because I kept hearing these seemingly peacefilled people repeatedly roar “Give me all your Sheeeep!!” At each other out of stunning stretches of conversational calm lol.

Paint on face.


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