#sideeffects, #wineharvest2017 edition

…we had joked about it amongst ourselves. The “Ladies” interning at the winery for various otaku shits and giggles who are grown enough to have already doffed an obscene amount of products and restorative beauty experiences with explorative intentions.

“This could be packaged as a hardcore spa retreat!

The daily regimen is a cross training core workout, #punchdown is no joke lol, you are getting doused with #reservatol at every step, you are becoming a bit of an expert at something you were once a topical dilettante about #neuroplasticitybonus…plus the wine and two great meals a day and the raw cheeses you partake of at the end of the day have bona fide gut healing benefits lol.”

…The former television producer & the travel /dark fantasy writer exfashist with storied #globalbohobeautygang addictions(moi) chuckled as we punched syrah grapes down like they’d bad-mouthed our best friends, biceps flexing. But the Spidey sense of that #healthydecadencespree aspect of me (that is the main reason why some of you tune in) sat up & paid attention. Fast forward seven days in…

That glorious ass and gut that was organically expanded whilst dangling from the side of a mountain at 7634 feet in New Mexico & sustained due to the wonderfully catered meals at the Verde Valley School twice daily during the Sedona Summer Art Colony…is…ok, the butt is still the stuff of legend lolol that dreams are made of <#couldntresistlol!#embracetheassthatshowsupyalllol#yallgotstalivetogetheronewayoranotherlol #mayaswellembraceit #yesTHaTAsslol#yoursBackthere #loveyobootylol #evenwhenitwrapsaround lol #stilltechnicallyyours #evenwhenitseemstobeaspiringtomakelovehandlebabieswithyourstomach lol>…

But, after the lead-in of all that #omgitssooobeautiful hiking & burning the late night oil #designhead style in Flagstaff…jeans that were snug when I got here are careening in folds across thighs and former gut areas when naan a sit up or old school grape stomp has gone down on this westwardly coast lol.

I wonder… Would you be more likely to sign on for a stint at a winery if you knew the #healthydecadence fat burn that was going to be in effect because of it? Lol.

these jeans were toight when I got here lol. This is the power of working it out (for real) during research up on the Monterey Bay.



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