It took four hours.

But by the end of it I’d done brix readings on so many tons of grapes at various stages of fermentation that I couldn’t help but feel like a lil bit of a badass. Today was my first day with it fully falling to me. About 15.5 short tons of grapes plus another 35 tons of wine in the big guys.

If you only knew the level of care and cradling from any semblance of cross contamination it took to nudge those beautiful bottles we all love imbibing along, you would hold them tight, cherishing the elation they bring to you all the more lol.

I’ve started speaking Spanish instead of just listening to the guys who have been doing this for decades. The shocked realization of how much I’ve actually understood faded soon enough and we just got down to business, meaning they knew I got it and gave me room to fail in both languages.

The colors are compelling me to figure out how to make paint with wine, especially the grenache grapes. In the sun they shimmer like an oilslick in a pool of water.

It was a tough shift-especially after a surreal night<#readthebook to find out #wtpho lol> but good for a one week anniversary. It is great to see what has been retained.

#wineharvest2017#montereybay #globalboho.


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