#workinprocess, an instruction manual for ABEX/AOLAB#Resurgence. #Flagstaffblooms

Hello Ladies~♡…

The funniest part of this is that 
lifetimes ago while a graphic design department intern over the summer at Penton Publishing(eeeeooonnnss ago lol), when my first collections poured out of me [sketchwise] I was coming up with preternatural variants of this.  Ditto at DAAP at University of Cincinnati- if I was forced to do a chicklit project…it was these powerful, Valkyrian chicks in suggestively shredded gear & demented nun habits that’d bring any man to God-like pure unbridled virgoan virgin/whore dichotomy…blasphemy at the time lol.

I’d turn’em in gleefully. “You wants chicks from me?! Here’s yer freaking badges! Muhahaha!” Splayed across my face. My teachers were initially horrified, then insulted…and eventually they let me just do menswear or sucked up my”vision of women” as I took the grade hit.

Their stance: “What woman can even wear that?! Whorish killers?!” Touchè lol.

Granted, It was my MortalKombat phase [#getoverhere!], and I was all about the campy, twisted sensual violence of “Lookateeeet!Now I gouge your eyes out for looking!haha!”…I was also dancing on speakers underground in clubs 6 nights a week sporting combat boots, tightywhiteys, feather pasties & dark glitter with dervishing drag queens so it was a bit “Fuck your Laura Ashley project, maan!” (sounding like a hippie being tazed)But- Whatever- They missed the point up in the ivory tower by how violently they got the point.

 There was social & systemic commentary like a mug in even it lol. Women get gleefully treated as though their bodies were weaponry …until they start wielding  it consciously themselves. It’s called sex kitten for a reason,  folks. A sex Cat sounds like it’d ef you up lol. Soon as a chick uses “this motherfucker is going to stare at my tahts” to fn break his neck in battle alla sudden She’s the monster.

FASTFORWARD TO NOW… the age of idiot pussygrabbers in obviously sexfree marriages bragging about moving on women “like a bitch~”…

From Joshua Tree on,  chicks came into the installations saying they’d wear them,  eyes flashing.

It’s time.


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