the “Resurgence”…aka #FashionWeekvibes hit the Globalboho artgeist a joyful vengeance.

I never thought I’d see a version of this day again.

Living on popcorn, ‘walking meditation ‘ & perfectly pulled $1 espresso shots one has to hike to in the mountains of Flagstaff   in lieu of  Dominican cafe con leches in Hell’s Kitchen…for the sheer joy of it all…

The artist residency at the Flagstaff Art & Leadership academy wrapped in the 31st, and it was all love and gratitude. One of the best tales of my life so far was that something so beautiful manifested out of my getting it on my heart to go all RHCP (#redhotchilipeppers) with some of the costumes from the REMNANT  Collection that fell to earth in Joshua Tree this time last year .
But on the first of my favorite month ever something else began… that, looking up 6 days later has me in such a place of peace that it’s  almost indescribable.


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