The AOLAB Resurgence collection by Globalboho AngelBrynner for the Canyon Movement Company, Flagstaff.

It started simply enough.  
The two most ornate costumes from RITU:alist were donated to a small powerhouse of a  modern dance troupe here in Flagstaff. To work with the kids at FALA was one (stupendous) thing,  but the idea of seeing these two wild pieces put into motion by professional dancers made me swoon, like falling to my knees in praise kinda swooning, because God knows my heart.

But on the first of September that heart exploded into action.  I was given the opportunity  to create a collection of 8 additional pieces to flesh out the world cast between the two original gifts. Caveat? My time in Flagstaff was almost up and things were lining up for #Next.

That being said, designhead hit & innerchile & I got all “Effaclock,” and dove in.

…Each piece is an adjustable & convertible tabla rasa to allow them to use the pieces wherever they need to as they enter this repertory season. The collaborative element will be in what stories they tell in them.
But I looked up tonight as I finished the 8th piece, barefoot, in my undyrs, an espresso cup looking dejected beside me as a fan roared from across the room…and the energetic familiarity shook me softly.

“Why am I  not exhausted? Between all this, the meetings  & coordinating #Next , why am I not wiped out?” I  asked myself.

“Because this is your natural habitat, goofball- it’s Fashion Week! You’re riding waves you know like the inside of your eyelids~”

I forgot that it was the serenity of this- that weird head when it’s just simply GO time & you’re just Making the pieces, yourself, not jobbers in 12th floor factories in the grungy garment district that I truly used to love, that I moved To NYC for.

I love the communication between my fingers and my head as fibers are building out a vision only I’m privy to so far, but that will one day poke others happily in the eye lol and make dudes WANT to be my models,  for gear, so they could strut around looming large in the world like who they saw themselves as in the world…so people could SEE them how I see them.
The collaboration was Always a dance,  always them animating the pieces with stories they wanted to tell, the wearer. It’s always been about the Dance. But last night~?

The circle closed.


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  1. Kelly Moran says:

    You have given me epic chills!

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