Fruits of Sedona. #weekoneFUN.

So many unexpected things  have happened here in Sedona. I’d headed to  Arizona to explore it, having by grace of god secured a  base from the Sedona Arts Center to use as a quasi writing retreat so I could work on the upcoming Globalboho Guide and the current Dark Fantasy /grievechronic\drafts [ Exile, Empathy & Eternity]. I had aimed for about two weeks before moving westward. I was going to watch the lead-in on the second annual Sedona summer colony, which I thought could be a cool nucleus for the Sedona section of GG, scrybe out a week and bounce.


Talk about God and the spirits of cities and states guffawing at the plans of puny humans! I should’ve known something was up when Amtrak-actually my favorite way to travel stateside- inadvertently sacrificed those two cows on the tracks outside of Lamy, leading to all the cool synchronization that went down in Flagstaff…but the true astounding beauty was just around the bend.

I arrived at the Sedona Arts center &was met with such a spirit of Joy and camaraderie that it left me speechless. Instead of a cubicle or table within their facilities…they gave me their entire 810 sq ft special exhibition gallery to base in! Then Mr. Eric Holowacz- the executive director of the center & mojo behind the then upcoming  art summer colony-nudged me to do an installation of my own in the space while I was around…within 24 hours of my being onsite-


I went in to shock, but it was more akin to some glorious variant of walking pneumonia because #installhead kicked in as soon as I heard the word show…and I promptly got to work. 24 hours after that the Remnant collection of costumes were out helping me make the vision plain, happily strewn all over the place,  keeping in mind what was brewing in Exile #writerheadwise. Then the director suggested that I extend the date past the 30th to open for the first Friday  #artwalk on the 4th of August.

I sheepishly agreed, still stunned… then  was awarded a day residence slot at the Sedona Summer Colony  being produced offsite by them. Instead of just writing from a bird’s eye view about the lead in to the proceedings… I  was being offered the opportunity  to PLAY, experiencing it firsthand. 

Just imagine…a little under 60 artists from all over the world, drawn together under the expansive skies strewn between the rugged glory of red rocks out in Verde Valley…pushing themselves to their own specs across three weeks &breaking bread with one another. Breaktakingly gorgeous, a space of sacredness…and perfectly catered twice a day to make sure we didn’t pass out from all the “utterly in process” shenanigans afoot out in the wild.


I looked up at the Sedona sky and blushgrinned a shyly shook Thanks…then dove in.

The rest of the tale will be erupting within the pages of the upcoming Globalboho Guide in early 2018.





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