GLOBALBOHO.LIFE in Motion/Loving Bowls, Sedona[#gblatestnews].

In gratitude for such an amazing welcome from the greater Sedona Arts community,  the #GLOBALBOHOguides,  #KokoPelliMaPress & #AngelBrynner are happy to announce the donation of four bisque #AnannkeAlphabet  #altar vessels from the #RITU:alist show to the upcoming #LOVINGBOWLS fundraiser here in #Sedona! “Begun as a small event, and a tribute to the Sedona Arts Center’s wonderful ceramics community, Loving Bowls is now a major gathering of creative people. Join hundreds of other local arts supporters for a unique annual event that offers a beautiful selection of hand-made bowls. Over 1100 ceramic works come to the table, each for sale in support of the organization and its mission.

Dozens of local potters shape and glaze each one for the Loving Bowls event, and each comes with wonderful chili, bread and dessert. Proceeds from Loving Bowls go to the Sedona Food bank,  Sedona Community Center &help support the Sedona Arts Center’s Arts Educations programs, ensuring a new generation of ceramicists, poets, film-makers, and creative people.

Event December 9th, 2017.”


…Happy  to let AOLAB’s tenet of “Go, see, do, sow, serve…& see what comes out of you” be in action within the city limits of Sedona.


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