Thomas Eldon Anderson podcast with Angel Brynner/ Sedona Summer Colony 2017.

I had the opportunity to go rogue on all things art &culture with the  bighearted theatre and mixed media maestro  Thomas Eldon Anderson  for his #THISCREATIVEEARTH podcast coverage of the creatives out at the Sedona Summer Colony.
It’s been such a wild mix of artists and viewpoints out here- I can’t wait to hear the entire set of intimate talks and I hope they inspire you as much as they have me.

 This creative earth is available now in the Arts category on #itunes.


#RITU:alist #originstories to #futureshock flow


“#THISCREATIVEEARTH is a podcast exploring one really big question: Is our world experiencing a crisis of imagination? The role of creativity in society needs to be updated and clarified, fast. Can we learn about creativity from the natural world? How do our struggles with perception drive our behavior as humans and as artists? What is the role of Art in society? How do we participate as valued voice with our unique points of view as creatives? Join me as we explore THIS CREATIVE EARTH.”


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