GLOBALBOHO.LIFE- #Ontheroadagain~the Grand Canyon!

We awoke at 5am and piled into the car, loaded up with thermoses of coffee and dousing each other with the kind of rambling conversation you only find amongst other artists of the #writerhead variety.

Julie McDonald was a whirlwind of creative energy from the moment we met waiting for the train to Flagstaff from Albuquerque, a train that took out two cows on its way to us, setting all schedules four hours behind. She is a writer of pioneer historical literature and is also a prospector & purveyor of empowering stories from the Underground Railroad period of our country’s history that rarely get told. 

If you would’ve told me that our meeting in ABQ would have led to my being asked to illustrate two book covers for her Underground Railroad series once in Flagstaff on my way to Sedona for a cool artist residency,  I would’ve waved you off with an impish grin.

That, days after devouring her books & turning in my interpretation of the heroes of her tales, here I was suddenly on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon at 7am on a Wednesday  after being asked to ride along for a book and card drop she had in the area still makes my ears ring.
I’d heard “go to Flagstaff first” before heading out from Taos proper, but had no idea exactly how much of a blessing God intended me to be there,  arriving at 1am on a Sunday, the entire city closed for the night-
…This is why we trust.

Talk about #enjoytheride to Sedona!

The rest of the story will be featured in the print edition of the GlobalBoho Guides, coming out in early 2018. Stay tuned.

AB #globalboho.


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