GLOBALBOHO.LIFE This Season: The Dream Tree Project/[RAW]Eurythmy private viewing day with Author &artist Angel Brynner (community outreach).

“In the days leading up to the climax of [RAW]Eurythmy at PARSE SECO,  Angel Brynner continued focusing on community outreach by doing artist-led exhibit walkthroughs and workshops with various community programs and youth organizations. 

On the weekend of the 21st the Dream Tree Project spent a spirited , free-wheeling afternoon with the artist, talking candidly about art, life and rising above the things that challenge all humans as we make our way in it.   Ages 12 to 17, they asked as much about the construction of pieces as they did about the dark fantasy series at the root of the exhibition. No topic was off limits &all parties were stunned over how the afternoon had flown by.  Intelligent beyond their years,  engaged and curious, the dream tree project kids visit was one of many surprise highlights of [RAW] Eurythmy, and right in line with the community spirit of the gallery And the author/artist.”

DreamTree Project is guided by empathy and integrity to provide a respectful, safe, and structured environment to support youth in crisis.

The DreamTree Project’s mission is to provide youth in need with a residential environment to practice life skills, understand family dynamics and prepare to become independent, involved members of their community. The Transitional Living Program serves runaway and homeless youth and young adults ages 16 to 24, including young people fleeing domestic violence. These young people receive through this program independent apartment living, case management, education, therapy, medical care, life skills training, and employment support.  DreamTree program is the first agency in New Mexico to enroll in the National Safe Place Program, which allows teens in crisis to TXT 4 HELP. Local business owners can sign up to be a “safe place”. 

For more information or to support the Dream Tree Project initiative,  go to


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