Welcome to 2017! #Globalboho.life!

It’s been a wiiiild  time-

I took about six months off from blogging. No warning, no whimmering, nuthin-

…iiiiiknow! Granted,  i kept up the Globalboho instagram stream, but tumblr, twitter & even 90% of facebook stayed off the grid. Joshua Tree changed my heart on all of it and I…just rode the wave. 

Let’s just get into it- where the sam hell am I?

…well~ I landed roughly in LA after JT due to a gig dying 12hrs before I had to return and was thrown into a battle royale for my #arthead life lol. God took this opportunity to correct my lowballing/daytripping learned behavior &tossed me into the furnace of Actually Showing the collection of jewelry created in JT to boutiques in LA. Yep.  First cold sales calls i’d been on in more than 15 yrs. Something. ..i’d forgotten was a gifting. Game-changing, internally speaking.

Lol-I’m going to write a book one day on the journey to forgetting that and back. Dedicated to all those who get stuck in covering their creative asses with side gigs. It’s a different head than the one who became an accountant as plan B.

Anyway,  the invigorating experience of how all that bloomed sustained me through the darkest 5 days of my ego’s life that followed it, but even in that nadir art shows & future air option interests were how God showed me this was just a correction

And then a strange version of that roadtrip i’d been jonesing for manifested.  Amazing-Straight up the lost coast of California,  through Portland to Seattle where I practiced sales call sea legs some more [gauging my development like a true, ruthless virgo lol] &actually sold my first two pieces to a vintage kimono and native art boutique across from pike place that paid my passage back down into Oregon,checking my bags in the station with an eye on the clock. In Oregon doing more shop/Remnant line gauging while waiting for a gig in LA to confirm  I realized I was free to do what i’d dreamt of doing for 8yrs but could never fit schedule wise. Taos.

Both said yes. I rode into LA friday night, confirmed a show for Remnant in Novembe, watched calmly as my gut regarding the LA gig proved correct… and was on a train to New Mexico by Sunday, all by the grace of God.

From  layover Globalboho.life-ing all over Albuquerque to rail-running up to Santa Fe on the biggest hot air ballooning festival day of the year to  hanging out in George RR Martin’s restored movie theater with intellectual badasses Harley Quinn’d up for the 12days of Halloween in downtown Santa Fe…to Taos proper ….almost 8 years to the day of the only missed flight of my life from nyc to santa fe.

I headed to a farm up in the mountains above Taos to work on /grievechronic \ holed up in a cabin since the tipis were down. I was to stay a month then head back to the west coast to hang the Remnant show. As the month closed I asked God to show my gypsying ass if it was his will that I stay the way the mountain was whispering. The following morning an opportunity to do a show five times the size of the west coast show arose…and I took it. That exhibition became a retrospective for the entire AOLAB trek, which closed early February.

The rest of February was spent producing a new Globalboho jewelry collection and finalizing Erebus, the fourth book in the /grievechronic\ series, which just went live on March 1st. In about a week I will have been here five months. 70% of the eleventh book in the dark fantasy series I came here to write is complete. 

And now it is time…to get ready for Globalboho. The book.  Which is the impulse for this update post. Lots of you know Globalboho.life is how I have kept my equilibrium while working on the /grievechronic \Dark Fantasy books for the 15+ years on the road. I’ve had certain visions regarding the production design specs of gb that were deemed undoable in a feasible manner…and had been nudged to…compromise. Instead of doing that or fighting. ..I sat on the project.  So many other projects were on the table that I just flowed elsewhere.

About an hour ago I was informed that production and distribution capabilities caught up with my Globalboho.life vision…

 …three days after I retackled the gb draft. Today I’m swimming in notes from 2000, when I was still designing.  Which is Wildly surreal for me. 

But the point is. ..I wasn’t being stubborn. I just knew in my heart the book was going to be possible as I saw it. Today it is. My joy is full.


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