#Homecoming, #Bloodofchristmountains style. Parse Seco featured in Tempo Magazine, November 9th, 2017.

#Thatsurrealmoment in the middle of the night #onthesideofthismountain… when you find out the #TAOSvortex is humming #presentday #papertrailloveat you from your last time here. ..Literally the week You got back to the #bloodofchristmountains… seemingly by surprise lol. #goodshow  A very cool article in (the nov9th-15th edition of Taos’ art& entertainment magazine)#Tempo…showing love to @cilla312 & @iamyourvillain of @parseseco [the badassed, empoweing… The Whirlwind of being called Home. #TAOSedition

Home. I never use that word. Honestly it’s because outside of my skin it usually never fits. But something strange is afoot in my life, something I am shyly embracing for what it is and what it may someday be. I returned to Taos after checking out Southern  California. I should’ve seen it coming as … #muralhead #livinglavidaTahoe

The supply run went down around 3pm, the thumbs up to take over the ceiling went down around 4. #inprocessshot of the Actually as of yet unnamed* mural (iiiiiii know! I’m known to name everything…#livingfromadifferentlight#hadnteventhoughtaboutaname) I got to come check out Lake Tahoe for #globalboho via. Partial views. Ear still hasn’t popped from the ride… writerhead winnowing in Washington. 

My cases have lost a lot of weight over the past few days. And there is Order. Okay- there are an assortment of thematically organized piles of research. A #trueVierge can’t call that order. It’s neat. Lol. & “Neat” gets a chessmen cookie, or two if the last two can’t bear to be separated as… #drawitout #morningrits #angelbrynner

The #globalboho way to #casecleanse, pure #travelingclosettech lol. I’ve been shedding alot lately. Letting go of things,  people and the like to be able to embrace the new.  But in the new an old tried &true technique has returned to the fray. I’m doing #mahgirls again. #illustrating what’s in the wardrobe, set it and forget…  post bfast #MorningRITS #pacificnorthwestedition

I’ve been quiet down this channel. After the ten day intensive internship for wine harvest 2017 down in Marina, CA I needed a break.  It’s been back to back projects since getting off the mountain in northern New Mexico, across five cities and four states in two and a half months. Which…yall know I ate Right… #sideeffects, #wineharvest2017 edition

…we had joked about it amongst ourselves. The “Ladies” interning at the winery for various otaku shits and giggles who are grown enough to have already doffed an obscene amount of products and restorative beauty experiences with explorative intentions. “This could be packaged as a hardcore spa retreat! The daily regimen is a cross training…

It took four hours. But by the end of it I’d done brix readings on so many tons of grapes at various stages of fermentation that I couldn’t help but feel like a lil bit of a badass. Today was my first day with it fully falling to me. About 15.5 short tons of grapes… Fruits of Sedona. #weekoneFUN.

So many unexpected things  have happened here in Sedona. I’d headed to  Arizona to explore it, having by grace of god secured a  base from the Sedona Arts Center to use as a quasi writing retreat so I could work on the upcoming Globalboho Guide and the current Dark Fantasy /grievechronic\drafts [ Exile, Empathy &… #Divingdeep in the spring of Sedona.

…And suddenly it was here. #HDDay. As in “Yes,  you’ve had an unforeseeably amazing time in full writerhead here in the surprise pitstop of Flagstaff,  but now it is time to Head Down into what called you into Arizona in the first place.  Get Ready.” My writer  friend in Flagstaff solemnly released me  to the…

GLOBALBOHO.LIFE- #Ontheroadagain~the Grand Canyon!

We awoke at 5am and piled into the car, loaded up with thermoses of coffee and dousing each other with the kind of rambling conversation you only find amongst other artists of the #writerhead variety. Julie McDonald was a whirlwind of creative energy from the moment we met waiting for the train to Flagstaff from…

GLOBALBOHO.Life This Season: Recent Coverage of the AngelBrynner/ Globalboho [RAW]Eurythmy show with Parse Seco- December 5th 2016 thru February 6th, 2017.

( ) Parse SECO: Angel Brynner’s [RAW] Eurythmy December 5, 2016 Arts & Entertainment. “Parse SECO is hosting an ambitious curator for the next two months. Angel Brynner will be introduced on Monday December 5th at five p.m. in the little space with no great agenda, there between Abe’s and the Cow. Along with Ms. Brynner will be her…