GLOBALBOHO.Life This Season: Recent Coverage of the AngelBrynner/ Globalboho [RAW]Eurythmy show with Parse Seco- December 5th 2016 thru February 6th, 2017.

( ) Parse SECO: Angel Brynner’s [RAW] Eurythmy December 5, 2016 Arts & Entertainment. “Parse SECO is hosting an ambitious curator for the next two months. Angel Brynner will be introduced on Monday December 5th at five p.m. in the little space with no great agenda, there between Abe’s and the Cow. Along with Ms. Brynner will be her…

GLOBALBOHO.LIFE flow/ Birds of paradise, spring. Taos 2017.

Sometimes,  the only true meditation is Thank you, God. Sometimes the place that he sends you keeps you like one of its own,  confirming that it knows you are there on purpose, and energetically doing the best you can to do right by it.  Sometimes things line up out of nowhere on surprising days. Honoring… when you fall in love….

…with six different shades of gray ink at 12am on a Sunday,  grays that match your suitcases and amplify the roam within like clouds calling you off of mountains and onto waves. -AB

GLOBALBOHO.LIFE This Season: The Dream Tree Project/[RAW]Eurythmy private viewing day with Author &artist Angel Brynner (community outreach).

“In the days leading up to the climax of [RAW]Eurythmy at PARSE SECO,  Angel Brynner continued focusing on community outreach by doing artist-led exhibit walkthroughs and workshops with various community programs and youth organizations.  On the weekend of the 21st the Dream Tree Project spent a spirited , free-wheeling afternoon with the artist, talking candidly…